By Sam Sooppersaud
I have received several calls asking me why we don’t have the scores on the net. My answer was that Dream cricket had them on. Then about 8:00 A.M. today (Wednesday, November 24th), I got a call from my good friend Derrick asking the same question.  So I thought that I’d better get up some scores for my readers.

It was a 3-day tournament. I was able to get the scores for the last two days. I will bring you the first day’s scores when I get them.

Day 2 – Sunday, November 21, 2010
South West Region vs New York Region

NY won the toss and decided to take the field. SW rattled up 251 for 6 wickets in their 50 overs. A. Singh 19, R. Kadu 66,   M. Dave 49 N.O. A. Thyagarajan 63.
Bowling for NY: Adrian Gordon 9-1-54-2, Kevin Darlington 10-0-51-2, Steve Massiah 9-0-53-1.

In reply NY batted poorly, being rooted out for a dismal 94 runs. C. Wright 20, S. Massiah 15, A. Sandford 18.
SW bowling: E. Hutchinson 8.3-3-13-3, M. Dave 7-4-8-2, T. Patel 9-2-19-1, A. Rajp 10-3-20-2. N. Malik 4-1-27-2

In a disappointing scene several NY players did not stick around in the end of the match to shake hands with the victorious SW team, including former USA National team member, Hall, and current USA players Wright and captain Massiah.

North West Region vs Atlantic Region
NW squeezed out a win over their opponents. NW won the toss and took first knock. They scored 212 runs in their allotted 50 overs. N. Mustafa 26, R. Bharadwaj 25, J. Crostwaite 29, S. Divekar 40, S. Saleem 21.

Bowling for Atlantic Region: N. Mc Garrell 9.1-2-16-4, D. Forest 10-0-40-1, G. Adams 9-1-52-2, N. Chokshi 10-1-35-1.

Atlantic region replied with 169 for 4 when bad light stopped play with 44 overs bowled.  K. Baride 19, D. Forest 66, N. McGarrell 68 N.O.
Wicket takers for NW: N. Jamali 8-3-15-2, S. Santhannan 10-1-50-1, S. Shah 8-0-24-1

NW was adjudged the winner with a better run rate (4.24), Atlantic (3.8). Strangely the adjudicators decided not to use the Duckworth-Lewis method for calculating the run rate.

Day 3 – Monday, November22, 2010
On the third and final day of the tournament rain played a decisive factor in the matches.
North West took on South West in a match reduced to 35 overs. NW won the toss and took first strike. They scored 153 runs for 8 wickets in the allotted overs. N. Mustafa 16, R. Bharadwaj 26, S. Saleem 27, S. Divekar 39 N.O. in a late flurry.
Bowling for South West: E. Hutchinson 7-0-32-1, M. Dave 6-1-18-1, A. Rajjp 6-0-31-2, M. Patel 5-0-20-3.

Because of intermittent rain the match was called off. NW was declared the National Champions due to their winning two matches and getting the best net run rate of the tournament (1.57). Strangely enough, the other match, Atlantic Region vs NY Region was played to a conclusion, though the second inning (NY’s) was revised to 22 overs.

In the match outside the stadium Atlantic Region clashed with their eastern regional neighbor, New York. Atlantic rattled up 165 for 7 wickets.  S. Stanislaus 27, N. Mc Garrell 37, I. Awan 20, J. Lawson 42.
Bowling for NY: K. Darlington 6-1-31-1, D. Thomas 7-2-22-2, A. Gordon 5-2-34-1, D. Smith 7-0-23-3.

NY in their reply was 44 for 8 in the 13th over when rain caused a stoppage of play. On resumption the revised total for NY to chase was 111 runs and had 22 overs in which to overcome that total. They were dismissed for 82 runs. D. Thomas 12, D. Smith 14, A. Gordon 24.
Bowling for Atlantic Region: J. Lawson 6-2-22-5, I Awan 6-0-19-1, G. Adams 4-0-22-1, D. Forest 0.4-0-0-1.
This was New York Region’s third loss in the three days on tournament.

Overall standings at the end of the tournament.
Region            Win/Loss         Runs for:     Runs against:     Net Run Rate
North West               2-0                522                 343                     1.57
South West               1-1                410                 254                      1.41
Atlantic                     0-1                329                 371                      0.01
New York                0-2                268                 561                     -2.93

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