By John L. Aaron
The USA today announced a list of fourteen players and three officials to participate in the Etihad Summer Cricket Festival in Canada. The squad includes a few newcomers to the USA Senior Men’s team.

Stuart Mills will make his debut of USA. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

The friendly T20 Tournament will feature representative teams from Afghanistan, Trinidad & Tobago, the USA, and host Canada. It is scheduled from August 11 to 16 in Toronto, Canada.

Team USA is Jignesh Desai (captain), Anand Tummala, Amir Nanjee, Charan Singh, George Adams, Stuart Mills, Hussain Haidar, Azurdeen Mohammed, Mohammad Ghous, Bhim George (vice-captain), Japen Patel, Samarth Shah, Akeem Dodson, Quasen Alfred.

Arun Vittala, Manager; Howard Johnson, Coach, and Masood Syed, Physio.

In addition to participating in the 2011 Etihad Cricket Festival, Team USA will meet Canada in the K. A. Auty Cup, a tournament between Canada and the USA that dates back to 1963, except for a break from 1996.

2011 Etihad Summer Festival Schedule – T20 Matches:
11th August: Afghanistan vs. Trinidad & Tobago and Canada vs. USA
12th August: Canada vs. Afghanistan and Trinidad & Tobago  vs. USA
13th August: Afghanistan vs. USA and Canada vs. Trinidad & Tobago

K.A. Auty Cup:
15th-16th August: Canada vs. USA
Team USA departs for Canada this Wednesday.



  1. the Jackal says:

    These are the type of comments I like to see……war, war paper war! USA cricket administration has only Shiv & Kris. How Poor? Who has them there. Derrick is ‘right’ but not timely. Hell yes he can make the US side, as well as Shiv!

  2. Justice Cricket says:

    Derrick K: Didn’t Shiv picked the best U19 players in NY to tour Ireland? Last year you talked about taking bribe. Is your Berbician friend taking bribe as well? The same person you “bad talk” last year helped in putting the U23 team to play against your “Former of Ex-Guyana Cricketers”

    And you talk about selecting the best players. Maybe they should select you to play for US?

  3. Derrick K says:

    I am sure Justice cricket is not your name,but anyway if it’s so or not and this is not about Guyanese.I don’t care if it’s those you mentioned or whoever else, always pick the best team available.I guess you are not a Guyanese.why don’t you stand up with your real name and say something good about this topic.


    Dereck all you do is criticize,all your comments are negative.Its why you don’t even play cricket because no one wants you in their team.Dereck instead of criticizing why don’t you give some positive advise,maybe it will help.I think you should just shut da hell UP and look at your own personal life.

  5. Justice Cricket says:

    With all due respect Derrick, Shiv cannot select players. The USA U19 failed to book a spot for next year’s world cup. Yes, Shiv selected most of those players. He stated that the US does not have any better……

    Sorry!! It’s about time that people other than Kris and Shiv gets involved in selection process. The Guyanese connection is getting cut little by little……..

  6. Derrick K says:

    I would like to know who selected this team and I am positive that Shiv and the rest of the selectors did not pick this team.The person or persons that picked this team do not know anything about 20/20 cricket.Why are you taking guys who can not hit, even in Baisley(cage)over the fence? Please Mr.selector(s) stand up and give your reasons for this team.Mr.President do you have something to do with this? Why is Masood there again?What happen to Lambert?

  7. Jay says:

    Sadly, its not the end of Massiah era…some of the regulars in the US team are unavailable due to other commitments.

  8. Youth Cricketer says:

    No, it’s not the end of Massiah. This festival is not a big deal for some of the “Big Name” players. The big names are only interested in playing “big” tournament. SAD

  9. Wicked says:

    Is this the end of the Steve Massiah era? Hope so, I’m glad to see these changes and very happy for Stuart Mills. Gook luck guys.