By John L. Aaron
USA Cricket in conjunction with Real Cricket has introduced an Interactive Video Scorecard Analysis (IVSA) for matches involving Team USA in the current ICC World Cricket League Division 3 Tournament in Hong Kong.

USA members pose for a picture with international upmire Darryl Harper. Photo courtesy of ICC

From a training perspective, the video analysis should help Team USA review the performances of its own players in preparation for matches in this tournament and other tournaments, so that any possible corrective action in the analysis of Team USA’s players may be taken.

The concept, although not a new one to coaches and many national teams’ study of its own players and opponents, is innovative enough to now place the average cricket fan in the front row review seat, of individual performances of players through the IVSA concept. The post-match video analysis will be made available only on the links noted below.

Viewers can review the hitting of 4’s and 6’s by the batsmen tagged, as well as the wickets taken by bowlers, by simply following the instructions below, once at the site or the link

Instructions for Video Scorecard:
In the batting section of the scorecard you can click on the:
• • 4’s column to see a video of each of the 4’s hit by that batsman
• • 6’s column to see a video of each of the 6’s hit by that batsman
• • Dismissal column to see the delivery and how that batsman was out

In the bowling section of the scorecard you can click on the:
• • W (wickets) column to see a video of each of the wickets taken by that particular bowler

USA Cricket has retained the services of Real Cricket and its technical group traveling with Team USA in Hong Kong, to build the review database, as part of the team’s match preparation analysis.



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  1. I would hope that our squad will use this technology to their advantage. We are a better side than out poor poor performance is suggesting. Our players in Hong Kong have the ability.They are just not harnessing their collective skills and efforts. Is it that there is a leadership problem? Is it that our motivation is a a low so that we do not have the desire to perform? Or is it apathy on the part of (some) pllayers? Whatever it is we ought to put that behind us. We have to work out ways in which we can improve our attitudes and performances. I hope that players are not thinking that “hey, I am on a tour, a paid-for-by-someone-else- vacation, so it doesn’t matter how I perform.I certainly hope that this is not the attitudes of (some) players.

    Look guys, we are representing one of the gretest nations of the world, lets put our best foot forward and win some games.

    Let’s work with this newly available-to-us technology and do some #%s kicking.
    Good luck boys!