As the 2009 cricket season bestows itself upon us, we can feel the excitement all around. In a few days the parks will be filled with noise, players, supporters and hopefully not a lot of spring coats.

Come this weekend New York Softball Cricket League will start their season with its twenty-five overs competition sponsored by PK Realty. Much is anticipated in this competition since players from the hard-ball leagues, will be on display and challenging the softball fanatics and stars.

The likes of Vijai Seunarine Prashad Mahadeo, Kumar Nandalall, Khaleem Bux, Andrew Gonsalves, Telston Johnson, Ravin Ivan and others will come against softball stars such as Bobby Pahalad, Bhola Pahalad, Chris Shobai, Eon Ellis, Brian Maniram, the Mattai brothers, Sunil Panday, and many talented softball cricketers. We will have to wait and see the outcome of such challenges.

But much more would be expected from the hard-ball leagues since cricket is on the rise in New York City with the introduction of the Public School Athletic League (PSAL) cricket competition, and the New York Police Department’s NYPD United Cricket Twenty/20 tournament.

The parks were filled last year with the different tournaments and organized matches such as the New York Premier League, Mayor’s Cup, Indo-Caribbean games and the many other matches held to help develop cricket in New York and the USA. It should be encouraging to do the same, and even staging more of these games.

Over 600 students would have taken part in the PSAL competition and from all indications that number should increase dramatically with the inclusion of a few more schools this year.

The future of the game is in the hands of the youths, so the adults should encourage them to stay with the game and help in whatever way they could.

Despite the current financial situation affecting the world and us in New York, the game should still be encouraged, your support in any form will definitely help to broaden and spread the cricket culture.

But more importantly, the results and hype of the games should be publicized. The administrators should ensure local media outlets are invited on a weekly basis so the game can be reported and published. We have seen PSAL, NYPD Twenty/20 and the Mayor’s Cup games were covered in some detail by the daily and weekly newspapers, as well as some television coverage. It is widely believed that the publicity helped the game.

The need for a cricket media outlet would be more than welcome at this time, but help from local businesses would have to play a larger supporting role, so it can be sustained. is trying it utmost best to help the game, and as such the leagues and clubs are asked to send in their reports from week to week to help promote the game. It is the desire of to continue with live score updates on it site for the 2010 season.

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