The International Cricket Council (ICC) today announced the official event song for the ICC World Twenty20 Bangladesh 2014 (ICC WT20).

‘Char Chokka Hoi Hoi’ (roughly translates to ‘Fours, Sixes, Fun and Games’) has been composed by renowned singer and composer Fuad Al Muktadir. Written by Anam Biswas and Refayat Ahmed of Grey Dhaka, the official event song is sung by Dilshad Nahar Kona, Dilshad Karim Elita, Pantha Konai, Johan Alamgir, Sanvir Huda, Badhon Sarkar Puja and Kaushik Hossain Taposh, who will perform the song throughout the tournament.

Its lyrics are a mixture of Bangla and English, giving it a global feel. The song is written in a way that fans from across the world are able to understand its basic essence and enjoy the music.

The music video for the song celebrates the event and welcomes cricket fans to ‘the birthplace of colour and happiness’, complementing the fast-paced and peppy song.

The signature dance created especially for the music video features people from all walks of life in Bangladesh, to highlight the spirit of unity that cricket brings. The video has been shot in different locations, from rural settings to urban backgrounds, showcasing the diversity of the country, its undisturbed beauty, and friendly, helpful people.

Fuad Al Muktadir, when discussing the idea behind the song, said: “I wanted to make a song that really captures the mindset of cricket fans as they watch a game charged with adrenaline.

“During the making of the song it was really hard for us to stay in our seats, because it turned out to be so rhythmic and energetic. I hope listeners will feel the same way when they hear it,” he added.

Filmmaker Ashiqur Rahman, who directed the music video, said: “My main inspiration behind making the video for the ICC WT20 event song was the wish to represent the joyous and vibrant culture of Bangladesh as accurately as possible. As a nation we are fun-loving and emotional in every aspect of our life, and cricket never fails to bring that side of ours out.

“Everyone, from the farmer working in his field to the urban man in his office loves, and is eagerly waiting for, the festival of cricket. Cricket unites the whole nation. During the excitement of a cricket match people forget all their worries and differences and rejoice in victories and triumphs,” he added.

The official event song will be launched with university students in the three host cities (Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet) next week, with the aim of making it the most popular song among the youth in the country.

University students in the three host-cities will create their own dance videos based on the event song, with the help of choreographers. Between 25 February and 10 March, they will be required to design, film and edit their videos. These videos will then be supplied to the ICC to be hosted on its official YouTube channel (

On 12 March, the winning entry – the video with the most views – will be selected, and will be played on the big screens across the tournament stadia on match days.