St John’s, Antigua — The West Indies Cricket Board Regional Under 19 Tournament is scheduled to begin in Barbados next Monday, July 28 with three matches.

The three-day competition will be played from July 28 to August 16, comprising five rounds of matches.

The 50 overs-a-side competition will be played from August 19 to 29, comprising seven rounds of matches.

An ICC Americas Under 20 side will join the Under-19 sides from the six WICB territories – Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Leeward Islands, Trinidad & Tobago and Windward Islands – for the one-day tournament only.

“We are delighted to welcome a team from the ICC Americas, as the WICB continues efforts to assist with the development of the game in the ICC Americas region,” said WICB Project Officer Rawl Lewis.

“This tournament continues to be a vital link to the development of elite players for the region and it is part of the WICB development programme which seeks to ensure that players have a meaningful competition at every stage of development,” Lewis added.

Jamaica start their defence of the three-day title against traditional rivals Trinidad & Tobago in the opening round, which also features hosts Barbados against Windward Islands at Queen’s Park, and Guyana against Leeward Islands at Bayfield.

Hosts Barbados will start their defence of the one-day competition against ICC Americas at Queen’s Park, when Jamaica tackle Guyana at Bayfield, and Trinidad & Tobago meet Leewards at Friendship.

WICB Regional Under 19 Schedule

July 28-30
Trinidad & Tobago vs Jamaica – Friendship
Barbados vs Windward Islands – Queen’s Park
Guyana vs Leeward Islands – Bayfield

August 1-3
Jamaica vs Guyana – Foursquare Oval
Barbados vs Leeward Islands – Bayfield
Windward Islands vs Trinidad & Tobago – Pine Basin

August 5,7,8 (August 6th being a rest day)
Guyana vs Trinidad & Tobago – Pine Basin
Barbados vs Jamaica – Weymouth “A”
Windward Islands vs Leeward Islands – Desmond Haynes Oval

August 10-12
Barbados vs Trinidad & Tobago – Kensington Oval
Guyana vs Windward Islands – Queen’s Park
Jamaica vs Leeward Islands – Friendship

August 14-16
Jamaica vs Windward Islands – Weymouth “A”
Barbados vs Guyana – Desmond Haynes Oval
Trinidad & Tobago vs Leeward Islands – Kensington Oval

August 19
ICC Americas vs Barbados – Queen’s Park
Jamaica vs Guyana – Bayfield
Trinidad & Tobago vs Leeward Islands – Friendship
Windwards bye

August 20
Guyana vs Windward Islands – Friendship
Barbados vs Trinidad & Tobago – Bayfield
Leeward Islands vs Jamaica – Queen’s Park
ICC Americas bye

August 22
Windward Islands vs Jamaica – Weymouth “A”
Leeward Islands vs ICC Americas – Pine Basin
Guyana vs Trinidad & Tobago – Desmond Haynes Oval
Barbados bye

August 23
Barbados vs Leeward Islands – Bayfield
Windward Islands vs Trinidad & Tobago – Weymouth “A”
Guyana vs ICC Americas – Pine Basin
Jamaica bye

August 25
Trinidad & Tobago vs Jamaica – The Brewery
Barbados vs Guyana – Foursquare Oval
ICC Americas vs Windward Islands – Wildey
Leeward Islands bye

August 27
Guyana vs Leeward Islands – Wildey
Jamaica vs ICC Americas – Foursquare Oval
Windward Islands vs Barbados – Kensington Oval
Trinidad & Tobago bye

August 29
ICC Americas vs Trinidad & Tobago – Pine Basin
Leeward Islands vs Windward Islands – Kensington Oval
Barbados vs Jamaica – Bayfield
Guyana bye

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