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A Special Awards Function Is Ideal For Ahmad Caribbean Cup

By Orin Davidson
The Ahmad Caribbean Cup series has given new meaning to cricket in New York, which should be forever grateful for having a summer event that makes the season a satisfying experience for many West Indians every year.

It has attracted the best players ever in any one competition in the Big Apple and by the nature of its structure, having representative national teams competing, the fans originating from Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, the Windward Islands, Pakistan etc have been brought closer together than any other sports activity has ever done in the city.

At the same time, since the brand changed from the New York Red Stripe Cup to the Ahmad Caribbean Cup, a deeper sense of patriotism has caught on among the followers supporting the countries of their birth.

In only a few years the series has evolved from a regular 50 overs competition to one that resembles any limited overs series around the world, given the introduction of colored clothing and more recently the addition of the popular Twenty20 games.

Sponsor Ed Ahmad is ensuring his undertaking is always in step with every new trend influencing the international game.

Which is why the series is more than just a well organized competition, but one of interest to even the casual cricket fan.

Last Saturday a huge gathering of spectators including former West Indies captain Clive Lloyd came out for the Guyana versus Trinidad 50 overs final, in one of the biggest crowds you will find for domestic New York competitions, with a great many using the occasion for a family outing at Floyd Bennett Park.

A similar type of response is expected today when the action switches to Queens’ Idlewild Park for the Twenty20 overs equivalent.

It proves that the competition has reached a level of prominence that demands the need for a special awards ceremony to cap all the excitement, at the end of the season or year.

No question about it, the performances in both the 50 overs and Twenty 20 aspect deserve awards for its top performers, much like the various leagues around the city do.

It would more than gratifying to have a highest innings scorer prize for the likes of the epic 151 Steve Massiah scored in last Friday’s 50 overs final. Also one for the highest number of sixes hit, for which Lennox Cush would be the lead contender . Or for the highest number of wickets for which Trinidad’s Rodney Sooklall is a hot choice or fastest scorer for which Jamaica’s Carl Wright is a frontrunner.

A competition of this prominence will only gain more in prestige with an added activity of an awards type function , in the off season.

So far the Cup has brought out the best in youngsters like fast bowler Telson Johnson who was an unknown before he broke the back of the Jamaica batting in his debut game a few weeks back.

The New York Youths team is another example of the development platform the Ahmad Cup is providing for the new up and comers.

When you take everything into consideration, the series is providing almost everything a competition can do in the circumstances in New York.

It therefore is only right that the Ahmad Caribbean Cup pat itself on the back by having its own awards ceremony.
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