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A Softball Season To Remember In 2007

By Orin Davidson
Officially it is over, but from the huge show of support by fans last Sunday, they would gladly have more softball if it was possible this year.

The Truck and Trailer 20/20 Mini World Cup series drew the curtain on the New York Softball Cricket Association (NYSCA) grand slam of competitions for the 2007 season and deservingly the fans were treated to exciting finale between Assassins and East Coast.

Throughout the year, the NYSCA's new executive had a testing first run, but the large crowd by softball standards which showed up at the 150th Street/Rockaway Boulevard ground, proved that the high standard was maintained this year, like it was all along since the body took charge of the sport in the Big Apple.

And ideally the last day of the season pitted the two best teams, battling to determine this year’s "numero uno" .

Unlike previous years, it was not a case of the best team’s status being already known, that would've made the 1A final a match of academic interest.

Assassins and East Coast entered the final with one title win apiece and with all to play for in the third and final tournament decider.

It meant that the NYSCA competitions were of such high standard, all the teams were given a fair chance to do their best, without the humbug of unresolved disputes.

The smooth run of the season continued up to the last ball of the Truck and Trailer Mini World Cup final as despite the tension, despite the spoils at stake and the prestige involved, no incidence of disrepute reared its ugly head in a match that was even for most of its duration until Assassins broke away and sped to victory.

Much kudus are in store for strike bowler Ronald Evelyn who showed nerves of steel to steal the game for Assassins with an incisive spell. Here was a player with the requisite mental toughness that made him rise to the occasion.

Deservingly he won the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award and proved that by winning it in back to back finals that led Assassins’ two title wins, he is for real.

Yet he was not the sole factor behind their success that crowned them 2007 champions.

Assassin were a team motivated enough to play like a well oiled unit. The fact that three of their best batsmen - including Kris Shobai and Andrew Gonsalves failed against East Coast and they still won, illustrates the point.

Captain Eon Ellis has established himself as the best man to carry the burden of captain and his ideal temperament was evident when they were put under pressure by East Cost's batsmen at one stage.

Now that they have claimed the number one status two years in a row, after sweeping all three competitions last year, no one can dispute their standing as one of the better teams to grace the NYSCA over the years.

As for East Coast, they proved themselves right up there among the best and should be proud of their achievements. They have an exciting bunch of young players who are sure to bring them even more success than the one title win and a runner up position this year.

They have an experienced captain in Peter Persaud who along with dynamic non-playing leader Shafeek Ali, it should make East Coast hard to beat in the future.

The two best teams in Division 1A and the other six who tested the Division 2B and 1A and 1B finals helped make the NYSCA's 2007 season one of the best ever.
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