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Spanking New Indoor Facility Hits New York

By Orin Davidson
Jan. 10th, 2010
America’s cricket profile is on the upswing with the national senior and junior teams about to compete in two crucial world tournaments, and so are the facilities, most notably here in New York.

The new indoor facility in Westbury, Long Island.

The latest addition to the cricket boom is a spanking new state- of- the- art indoor facility in Long Island, courtesy of New York businessman Nabeel Ahmed Khan and a few partners.

The US American Indoor Cricket Club is located in Nassau County and is equipped with all the necessary requirements from turf pitches to computerized data recording technology for batting and bowling stints.

The facility has four pitches including three made from turf with international standard dimensions that match those in England made to English Test and County and Board specifications.

Each pitch is enclosed in lanes that meet the maximum measurement requirements of 105 feet long, 13 feet wide and 17 feet high. The strips are made of special turf material manufactured by the internationally renowned Durant equipment company of England. They also have bowling run-ups, which according to the owner is not available in New York or beyond.

Nabeel Khan (left) and Billal Ahmed (right) of USA Indoor Cricket Club posed with Leslie Lowe (center), President of Commonwealth Cricket League. Below, Nabeel Khan with Badsha of the Bangladesh Cricket League. Photos by Shiek Mohamed.

The other pitch is made from a jute type material that produces the same effects of pace and bounce had from the matting surfaces used primarily in New York.

“You have all the various types of effects for fast bowling or spin, if you want turn or pace and bounce, the four pitches provides all of that,” said Khan.

And if the player needs to analyze his accuracy or line and length, recording equipment does just that.

Also the facility can be transformed to accommodate indoor games on the middle pitch after the nets from the other lanes are taken down. “As a result games of 16 overs a side can be played,’ stated Khan.

There are locker rooms, saunas and also a conference room where all of a player’s needs are met. In addition plasma screen television sets provide all of the international cricket coverage available through digital carriers Direct TV.

Khan said he was influenced to provide the service because of his love for the sport and a desire to spread cricket’s popularity to mainstream Americans in addition to the immigrant supporters who already know about the sport.

The young entrepreneur Khan was a founder of the first Hofstra University cricket team and is from a cricket family as he is a cousin of former Pakistan players Moin Khan and Nadeem Khan.

He disclosed that US America Indoor Cricket Club also caters for women cricketers and tape ball players.

The facility is already in operation but will have a grand opening on February 14. It is open every day with more time allocated on weekends at 575 Merrick Ave Westbury.
For more info visit www.usaicc.com

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