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America Poised To Stage First ODI Series
….USACA President Dainty

By Orin Davidson

April, 19th, 2010 | 6 Comments
International cricket is closer in reality to being staged in the United States for the first time.

So says United States of America Cricket Association president Gladstone Dainty who also stated that Regions are beginning to appreciate the importance of self reliance rather than wholehearted USACA dependence.
USACA president Gladstone Dainty.

Following the association’s annual general meeting held over the weekend in Texas, Dainty said negotiations are at an advanced staged for the series to feature New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

“If you ask me I will be more inclined to say the chances are greater for it to be staged than not,” said the USACA president who pointed out that the association is in a much better position now to benefit financially from the series than it was in earlier negotiations.
He explained that the association secured the services of a Washington law firm whose expertise is making a big difference in the negotiations.

USACA and Cricket New Zealand, the ruling body for the sport in that country, which has a partnership arrangement with the former, are collaborating to stage the ODI series which would be complimented by matches between the United States national team and one from the West Indies territories.

An investor is providing some of the funding and television rights are shopped around for the games, Dainty added.

The series is slated to be staged at the Broward County stadium in Florida after the Twenty20 World Cup in the West Indies which concludes next month.

Dainty who is serving a third term as USACA president disclosed that New York is leading the way among the country’s regions in running development programs and acquiring the required resources. He was high in praise of the PSAL schools program which is highlighted by a competition that will involve 28 teams this year. The president said efforts are being made by USACA to intensify the coaching of teachers who act as instructors for the various schools.

Dainty is however, disappointed that so far no players from those programs have yet won places in the national Under-15 and Under-19 teams.

On the association’s finances, Dainty disclosed that it is far from satisfactory, adding CEO Don Lockerbie is working on a number projects outside of the Cricket New Zealand arrangement. One includes a deal with the NACL group to stage all Twenty20 games involving the national team in the United States.

Lockerbie, the first full time paid USACA official, has been in office more than year and contrary to the feeling that he is being paid by the International Cricket Council (ICC), Dainty explained that the CEO is being fully remunerated by USACA.

Dainty declined to reveal details of the contract, on whether it is an open type or time restricted as is the norm in the sports business or on the value. One source however stated that it is in the six-figure range and some comment was made about the rewards to USACA, at the meeting on Saturday.

Dainty also ended speculation that USACA is about to hire a team of national coaches full time, stating that the organization is not ready for such an investment presently. But the president stated there is a dire need for USACA to give retainer contracts to at six national team players, given the growing international commitments the country is required to fulfill in competition.

He added that the United States receives around $300,000 from the ICC annually which is based on the country’s world ranking in 50 overs competition. The president pointed out that the country’s recent promotion to Division four, will not impact its ranking immediately, as it is reviewed every two years.

Dainty however pointed that the figure is wholly inadequate which is why among other things, success in competitions is vital, thus the need to play the best players available regardless of age.

He said Canada receives the maximum subvention of around $1.2 million based on its high ranking in Division one, but they still have financial problems although the country gets government assistance along with sponsorship.

Dainty was referring to Canada’s recent decision to withdraw from staging the 2012 Under-19 World Cup.

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Dainty, Dainty, Dainty. This word means all good and clean and proper. This is as close as Gladstone will get to clean and proper, carrying the surnanme Dainty. Well Gladstone, my friend, you and your croonies must be salivating that soon there may be an ODI tournament in Florida. We are all aware that with this tournament will come more money. This added to the $300,000 from ICC every year. Man, that's lots of moola. Life is getting better!
For the year 2009, i was made to understand that less than $5000 was spent on the developement of youth cricket. Would you be kind enough to let the US cricketing public know what amount was spent on the youths. I am quite sure that with this kind of rumor going around, that you would want to cleae up things a bit.
I am happy that you are at last looking at PSAL cricket. Yes, PSAL has been doing its part to develope cricket in New York City. You said that USACA is "intensifying efforts to train teachers.....". To intensify is to increase, to make more impact. You haven't even start this effort, how then can you "intensify" efforts. Stop babboozing the people who do not know what's happening.
Another you stated tha tit is disapponting that no cricket from the PSAL program has yet represent the USA in the Under-15 and Under 19 tournaments. Well my friend, I have news for you. Amar Persaud from Martin Van Buren High School represented the USA Under 15 in the last ICC Under-15 Tournament in Brooklyn in 2009.
By the wayI dare you and the USACA executive body to give an account dollar for dollar, of how the $300,000 ICC grant is being spent. That report will make interesting reading.
Don Lockerbie seems to be travelling quite a bit. Why is paying his exppenses. Are the expenses being paid from the ICC money? Well then if it is, then I suppose Dainty and his boys would have the same privilege to use this money for their travels, also. Hey, we can always say we went on USACA business!
Posted by Sam Sooppersaud on April 22nd, 2010

I have copies of emails that was sent to certain officials of USACA about some of the issue you wrote about. In regards to Akeen Dotson it is a fact that those comments were made not only that, Mr. Masood made statement along those line on Linden Fraser and Reggie Benjamin that they will never get a head coaching job for USA even though these guys are the best and most qualify coaches in this country. I have a copy of a document that advice USA to stop wasting money on camps that does not make sense and from the team that went to Dubai and Nepal evaluate the players and just replacing them with players they had in reserved which will make it easier for the captain and coach. Let me say that this suggection along with other very important advice came from one of the black listed coach. Mr. Davidson as a reporter you should bring these issue to public. Imagine this is not the first time that Akeen was pushed aside by the so call selectors, well we all know that there are no real selection committee. Where else in the world that the U-19 coach is the national selector for both teams and chairman of the selection committee? We should demand that people that was given a job to do has zero conflict of interest.
The secretary was asked how many people were interviewed for the head coaching positions? How many people were interview for the Physio Therapist positions, how many people where interviewed for the manager positions and finally The Fitness Trainer Positions? The anwser is a shocker zero. Talking about qualifications with USACA the comment was it is not necessary. ICC is not stupid and its only a matter of time when Don Lockerbie get tired of collecting $ 120,000 plus traveling expenses and walk away. Well, in this economy he will be crazy to do that but when the time is right USA will be back on ICC trouble maker list.
Mr. Hinds I was told by great sources that a few years ago you were told to head a high performance commitee and come up with a development plan is that so? well the word on the street was to keep you out of possible running for office and get Krist Persaud in the mix.
Posted by Rasheed Khan on April 22nd, 2010

Anyone with cricket brains know that Akeem Dodson belongs in a national squad of 28. Allegations are rampant that he is being victimized because of a critical article written by his father. There is also an allegation that a cricket official stated that Akeem Dodson would never play for the USA while he was in office.
This is a serious matter, which strikes at the very core of the prejudice, bias and trade offs involved in the selection process. Any selector, other officials or players who have first hand information that the statement was made should contact Mr Davidson. I am sure he will offer you confidentiality. USACA is well aware of the allegations but has made no public statement,further evidence of the \"lack of governance".
Issue # 2
The pending USA trials brings to light the inadequacies of our system.Having had trials last year and completed two tours, why is USACA back to 28 players? The better option would have been to evaluate the performances and decide what changes should be made. If you need a wicketkeeper, a left arm bowler or a middle order batsmen, then you should try to identify the best 3 or 4 in the USA and bring them into a camp for a final evaluation.The money wasted on this trials would have been better used getting the team to Bermuda a week before the tournamnet.
As to the rumored selectees, none of the present crop of U/19 players are ready for the senior team because they have not excelled at their present level. While we can understand poor performances against test playing countries, the 2009 WCQ shows that Andy Mohamed batted 9 times for 200 runs with 1 score above 35 (90 vs. Afganistan). He also has a 100 in the 2009 national senior tournament and a 70 against Australia. Corns made 244 in 9 innings with 1 fifty, Sewdial made 183 runs in 9 innings with a high score of 46 and Wardley scored 79 runs in 5 innings.
There are many better players who are being overlooked: Karan Ganesh, Javein Thomas (21) Akeem Dodson (22) Dennis Evans, Nicholas Stanford (22), Dwayne Smith, Oniel Powell,Alex Kirton (21),Dominic Audin (22), Duane Nathaniel (23), Akil Khan, Abhemanyu Rajp(24), Mrunal Patel (23), Nisarg Patel (21) and Romeno Deane (21)for T/20 games.
It is also significant that names of the players for the trials are beinbg hidden from the public. What is that
all about?
Posted by Clifford Hinds on April 21th, 2010

It's ashamed to know that USACA spent only $5,000 on youth development in 2009.
Posted by Youth Cricket on April 20th, 2010

Funny boy this Dainty. USACA gets 300,000 from ICC and do you know what Lockerbie is making? Talking to USACA BoD we were told that Lockerbie is on $200,000 dollars plus expenses and that he flys 1st class with his girlfriend with US team. Players have told us themselves that Lockerbie travels with them and that he lives the life..whilst US cricket is struggling for money and players not getting paid their dues. Orin please write a story about this bro. You know what is going on and you needs to get this thing out about how Lockerbie is skimming that USA cream.
Posted by Chargers NY on April 20th, 2010

"Dainty however pointed that the figure is wholly inadequate which is why among other things, success in competitions is vital, thus the need to play the best players available regardless of age.\"
I fully support this statement, but \"older players\" that are no longer performing at the highest level should make room for promising and talented players. I am positive that the various regions can identify the talented players, not only by \"names\"
Posted by Ricky on April 19th, 2010

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