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International Mega Stars Set To Play In United States

By Orin Davidson

Nov. 20th, 2009 | Comments
The prospect of mega stars like Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Kevin Pieterson playing international games in the United States is now closer to reality.

Shivnarine Chanderpaul

Following its weekend extravaganza in Florida, the United States of America Cricket Association came away with some measure of success to balance out one embarrassing experience amidst a flurry of cricket action on the field.

An agreement with the New Zealand Cricket, the country’s governing body, will hopefully kick start its plan to utilize the huge revenue potential every cricket pundit believes should’ve been long ago exploited.

According to USACA president Gladstone Dainty, the association is expected to earn money from international games to be staged in the United States as part of New Zealand’s international playing calendar. He said New Zealand will stage a part of its home schedule in America because that country’s season is not long enough to fully accommodate all its home games.

Dainty pointed out that the agreement also includes technical assistance in the form of coaching of players and other forms of training to develop United States cricket. Other revenue earning commercial ventures are also in the plans.

He said the agreement will kick into gear within a few weeks with United States junior team which will have a preparatory camp in New Zealand prior to its participation in the Under-19 World Cup which starts in February there. The US will arrive two weeks earlier and New Zealand will cover most of those expenses.

And from around May next year, the international 50 overs and Twenty20 games featuring New Zealand opposing other countries as part of its International Cricket Council (ICC) Future Tours program, could get cracking at the Broward Stadium in Florida.

Dainty pointed out that Justin Vaughn, the New Zealand Board Chief Executive Officer, solidified the agreement while attending a USACA Board meeting in Florida.

He said USACA and the New Zealand board will share the revenue from the games, stating that it was a first step in USACA’s plan to raise money in a country considered the fastest growing market for cricket.

A USACA press release quoted Vaughn stating that New Zealand is expecting a long term relationship with US cricket which he added is at an exciting stage.

Dainty disclosed that the association is no way near acquiring a major sponsorship deal with any big business for U.S. cricket, adding that it is not an easy task.

A full time CEO Don Lockerbie began employment earlier this year with a primary intention to create much needed revenue streams for USACA.

At around the same time, USACA and Vaughn were ironing out their agreement, the national championships were dealt a black eye after the third place playoff game was prematurely curtailed at the Broward Stadium complex after officials tossed players from the field to make way for two soccer games. The game between Southern California (South West Region) and Florida (South East) had to be decided by net run rate as a result at the alternate field in the complex that comprises the stadium.

New York was at the said time opposing Michigan (Central East Region) in the final which former team won.

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What a laugh! We are talking of handling arrangements and matters with an international cricket organization (New Zealand Cricket) when we cannot even make proper arrangements for a national final. Which inept official or officials were responsible to make the arrangements? Well, as usual, they, like other officials of USACA - past and present- are at least consistent - in their \'do-nothingness. I personally have no faith in the group of misfits who now run US cricket. I feel that mr. lockerbie should be given the task of working along with th Kiwis. More money coming into USASA ! i think some of the officials are salivating, for more reasons than using the cash to further cricket. What am i suggesting. You make the call.
Posted by Sam Sooppersaud Nov. 21st, 2009

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