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Stadium Officials Wrong To Toss Teams - USACA President Dainty

By Orin Davidson
Nov. 20th, 2009 | Comments
The embarrassing curtailment of the United States of America cricket Association (USACA) third place national championship game last weekend should not have occurred, the association’s president Gladstone Dainty has declared.

USACA president Gladstone Dainty.

Broward Park stadium officials removed the two teams from the field adjoining the stadium while contesting the game, to make way for two soccer games, causing a premature end, in Florida last Saturday. The final between New York and Michigan (Central East) was being played in the stadium at the aid time.

According to the president, Broward Park Stadium officials were wrong to evict the Southern California (South West) and Florida (South East) teams as USACA was fully authorized to use the field.

“We had paid to use all the facilities we used that day, we had every right to be on it (field) at the time,” Dainty emphasized.

Pressed on the cause for the stadium officials’ action as a result, the president said it was a misunderstanding and the officials have since apologized and promised not to commit a re-occurrence in the future.

The teams had to make way for soccer matches on two occasions, which initially caused a lengthy stoppage and later on subsequently resulted in the premature end.

Dainty said he was not at the venue at the time, but hinted that a more defiant approach should’ve been adopted by the USACA officials present.

Florida was eventually adjudged winners of the game on net run rate and the result reportedly did not go down well with the California team.

A squad of 26 players was subsequently named following the championships and three Twenty20 trial games, to prepare for the United States’ participation in the Twenty20 World Cup qualifying series in Dubai, UAE in February.

Dainty confirmed that Clayton Lambert was retained as coach along with Imran Khan as manager. The team will also contest the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) World Group Five competition after the Dubai series in Nepal. Aktar ‘Chick’ Masood will be the physiotherapist and he will also perform similar duty for the U.S. junior team for the ICC Under-19 World Cup in January in New Zealand. Sew Shivnarine is the coach and Wesley King manager.

Junior squad members was put through its paces at a special training exercise also over the weekend in Florida.

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WOW1 DAINTY WAS NOT AT THE NATIONAL FINALS. He passed on the perk! Isn\'t this what USACA\'s elected officials do, using the organization\'s dollars to travel around in the guise of \"working for the good of cricket\" On the players being tossed from the stadium, let me quote dainty, \".... a more defiant approach should\'ve been adopted by the USACA officials present\". What a laugh. Whenever do they ever do anything \"defiant\". They just lay back and enjoy the spoils. A group of do-nothings. It a pity that John Aaron has to align himself with that worthless bunch.
Posted by Sam Sooppersaud on Nov. 21st, 2009

I see Sam has come out with both barrels blasting. Shades of the old shoot 'em up West? Mr. Dainty, what does defiant mean? Give 'em hell, Sam!
Posted by Ray on Nov. 22nd, 2009

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