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Cush Calls For Explanation For Fraser, Dodson Axing

By Orin Davidson

Nov. 12th, 2009 | (Comments)
Like almost every cricket fan around New York, star player Lennox Cush is perplexed by the removal of the management team from the New York squad to contest this weekend’s National Championships.

Lennox Cush

Coach Linden Fraser and manager Linden Dodson, who guided New York to the Eastern Conference title in July were summarily cut without any explanation whatever, immediately after a shakeup in the administration of the New York ruling body.

“I am not a politician, I have nothing against anybody in New York cricket, I am not close to Doc (Dodson) and Fraser, but I am surprised they were treated this way,” said Cush. “They did a fairly good job in Washington (national championships), I was there, was part of the team and there is no reason to take them out”.

New York came from behind to win the Eastern Conference competition through a brilliant last match display when they toppled front runners New Jersey (Atlantic Region) in the decisive game.

In a well crafted match plan orchestrated by the management team, New York brilliantly achieved the targets they set to win the match and title, by crush the front runners New Jersey.

Cush pointed out that Fraser has done a tremendous job in his career as a coach and should not be disrespected in such manner. “This is a man who has done a great deal of good for the development of players voluntary over the years and deserves fair treatment.” Cush added that he respects Zamin Amin, the replacement coach, as a player and does not know the new manager Godfrey Mitchell, but feels Fraser and Dodson was the victims of unjustified decision making.

“There needs to be an explanation,” the player added.

Cush who returned to New York on Tuesday, following a playing/business stint in Guyana, said he has been inundated by phone calls from players and fans since his return expressing concern about the developments.

“This sort of thing could affect the young players on the team, because they would not know what to expect next,” the player added.

Fraser was appointed under Morrishaw’s administration and Selwyn Caesar, the former United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) treasurer who was reportedly appointed as interim Chairman, could not provide an explanation for the change, stating that it was a New York Board decision and he went along with it. The Board comprises the seven league presidents and four members at large. However, none of the key officials have refused to account for the decision on being contacted by the media.

With the competition set to start in a few days, Caesar has been unable so far to disclose the New York team to the media, stating that unavailability of some players might elicit changes. However, it has been widely rumored that 21-year-old Andre Kirton was removed to make way for 42-year-old Sudesh Dhaniram. Kirton, is a promising all rounder, whose omission is viewed as a backward step and has been roundly criticized by the pundits.

Allrounder Cush said he is back to near full fitness after knee surgery in January and is looking forward to fully focusing his attention to New York and United States cricket.

And his form suggests as such, as he spearheaded the New York Chargers team to a third place finish in the recently staged invitational four- country Twenty20 series in Guyana. Cush was brilliant against Barbados, which New York defeated in a narrow last over bowl-off after the scores were tied. The right-hander scored 69 and restricted Barbados with his off spin in the tiebreak over from besting the New York score.

“I am playing good cricket now and looking forward to the World Cup, “Cush said, referring to the United States’ participation in the Twenty20 World Cup qualifying competition. The series is set for February in Dubai. And Cush feels that the squad of 40 selected for US trials, also set for this weekend, is counter productive. “ Why can’t they not have a squad of 20 instead, and work with that from now,” he questioned.

A member of the West Indies Stanford All Stars squad that beat England in the US$20 million winner take all game last year, and who has performed with distinction in the two Stanford West Indies series for Guyana over the years, Cush said he has forgone ties with the Guyana national team to fully focus on the U.S. side.

But alas, the New York officials are not giving him and others much encouragement with their apoplectic leadership qualities.

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Name : murph seeram
Email : murphseeram1979@yahoo.com
Comments : Good Cush, well that how it is in NY brother. Are you guys surprise, i am not!
Posted by Murph Seeram on Nov. 13th, 2009

Well said Cush, All the other players should be that strong and stand up for Cricket and what is right. Coach Fraser & Linden Dodson stay strong, Krish Persaud & Rudy Persaud will not be around this Cricket for much longer, people need to know that those two guys will kill the Cricket if we let them, they are just putting friends like Shiv & Zamin to work as Coaches, they know nothing about Coaching, they were not bad cricketers but that do not make you a good Coach. When you talk about \"COACHES\" then you call names like Coach Benji from LA, Coach Fraser, Coach Casper Davis, Coach Darlington these are guys who went to school to do what they do, so people please open your eyes.....SAHME ON NYCR for getting rid of Coach Fraser & Linden Dodson.
Posted by Deo Sookram on Nov. 13th, 2009

Mr. Cush is absolutely right to voice his frustration and bewilderment on the sensiless actions of the NY Board of Directors in firing Coach Fraser and Manager, Dr. Dodson. Also, Selwyn Caesar is the Chairman of the NY Region. Why is it that he cannot give a definitive answer as to the reasons for the Board getting rid of two gentlemen who have winning and outstanding records. As Chairman Caesar, should know what is happening in his camp. But, like numerous feel, it is a snow job to get friends into positions. Shame on you so-called NY Board of Directors. You are a detriment to cricket.
Posted by Sam Sooppersaud on Nov. 13th, 2009

Well Well what is new, someday i know that it would of come to this, I do feel for Coach Fraser & Doc Dodson, you not suppose to get rid of manangement after they won. I have seen Coach Fraser for over 7 years now working with young cricketers around the USA he is 1 of 2 other coaches within the USA that have Cricket & Cricketers 20 hrs a day, My son was Coach by Coach Fraser and that was the best i have seen of a Coach getting these young cricketers working together as a team .This is so wrong NYCR you guy don\\\'t know when you have something good,Coach Fraser I know will always stand up for young Cricketers that is good enought to be in a team,he stands for the betterment of cricket. Let me ask what is the Captain doing with all of this is going on? Sorry guys i\\\'m not from NY, we can do with some one like Coach Fraser in NW. SHAME ON YOU NEW YORK.Coach Fraser they cannot keep a good man down.Keep coaching.
Posted by Rajput on Nov. 13th, 2009
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