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Gregory Sewdial Aims To Justify Star Rating

By Orin Davidson
May 18th, 2009
For the New York Under-19 cricket team, Gregory Sewdial has been there and done it all.

As a member of the title winning squads of 2007 and 2008, Sewdial knows what it feels like to win the biggest title in United States junior cricket. He has also savored the sweet taste of success of winning the tournament’s Most Valuable Player prize.

Now he is endeavoring to win the crown as team captain.

Later this week, Sewdial and his charges will have the unique opportunity of landing a hat-trick of title wins for New York in their own stomping ground in the Big Apple.

New York Region Under-19 team captain Gregory Sewdial.

With three years experience at Under-19 level, Sewdial will be the team’s point- man, but he has a special goal he is keeping close to his chest.

When he won the MVP award in 2007, Sewdial was touted America’s young star cricketer through brilliant batting and bowling.
But he did little to justify that reputation with the bat the following year in 2008. Although New York won, Sewdial emerged with better bowling returns than runs.

He intends to amend this time around.

“I want to lead by example where runs are concerned. If I have to bowl I will bowl, but it is the batting I am focusing on,” Sewdial stated.

On Friday evening the New York team was the toast of a cocktail reception hosted by its management at Naresa Palace lounge, and throughout the evening the new captain exuded a quite type of confidence.

The right-hander explained that he never felt better prepared for any junior competition than this year.

“We had long weeks of indoor training, it was tough but important for all of us,’ he added. “I think everybody will be sharp mentally and physically.”

Under the eyes of coach Linden Fraser and manager Lester Hooper, the squad trained for three months in weekend sessions at the New York Indoor facility in Brooklyn.

Sewdial who almost lost out on team selection the previous year because of differences of opinion on pre competition training methods, between his personal handlers and the team’s management, was 100 percent committed this year.

And he is doubly grateful for the exposure.

“ I can say there is nothing better than for us players to prepare together early, so we could get to understand the weakness and strengths of everybody”, he said.

This year the team will be missing seven players from the 2008 squad and it explains why the captain is happy to hit the ground running when the competition bowls off this weekend at Gateway Park in Brooklyn.

At 17 years of age, Sewdial has one more year at under-19 level and he aims to go all the way to the next Under-19 World Cup.

Apart from winning the competition for the third straight year, New York players will also be gunning for selection on the national team to contest the Americas championship. And if they win, the team then qualifies for the 2010 World Cup set for Kenya.

So far Sewdial has played in every level of competition America has to offer.
From the age of 14 he was competing against men old enough to be his father in the Eastern American Cricket Association league (EACA). His three years at national Under-19 level is complemented by one year in the Under-15 ranks. Sewdial also made the New York senior squad and even toured with the Ahmad Cup New York team to Guyana.
But he has never represented the country at the Under-19 World Cup.

In 2008, the matter was out of his hands because of the ICC implemented ban imposed on America’s cricket at the time.

This time around Sewdial has his best opportunity to achieve that goal.

And he intends to make full use with every inch of his 6-feet- plus frame.

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