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Dr Rudy Jadoopat - Best Man For The Job

By Orin Davidson
March 2nd, 2009
If the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) was left to its own devices to appoint its first ever Chief Executive Officer (CEO) it would not have to look too far for the post’s ideal person.

He happens to live right here in New York, in the heart of the Big Apple’s cricket hotbed of Queens, and has all the requirements and more, for what would be the most important position to take the nation’s cricket forward.

He is none other than Dr Rudy Jadoopat – a marketing and finance expert and a cricket aficionado who goes well beyond the normal call of duty to achieve his goals, which include making cricket an integral part in the lives of the well entrenched American fan and the uninitiated ones as well.

Jadoopat knows what it takes to infuse the sport with the necessary funding to bring it on par with most of the developed cricket world.

Dr Rudy Jadoopat (right) interviews former West Indies player Basil Butcher.

He considers it a `breeze’ to buy into the cricket fold, corporate America, because he has “been there and done that” in past endeavors that have left him a rich legacy of only successes worldwide.

Jadoopat was a hit in the then mighty and monstrous Soviet Union where he was a rare foreigner, whose accomplishments at the world’s renown Moscow State University made such a big impact with the political think- tank there, catapulted him into roles as a respected economic theoretician, international business professional and key advisor during the Perestroika era after proving scientifically that the old order was not the best path to achieve development.

He initially traveled only to take up a university scholarship there but Jadoopat became one of the top students at university with 98% overall excellent grades. His unprecedented controversial understanding and interpretation of scientific theories easily allowed him to successfully completed his Masters degree, for which he was promptly awarded another scholarship to read for his Doctorate.

His doctoral dissertation on “Economic Development and Problems of Regulating International Economic Relations” was well received in the hierarchy of Russia’s leading university and he soon became a much sought after intellectual by the academic, political and economic establishments.

Jadoopat was born into a business family and was already director of two London based companies when he established privately owned businesses in the former soviet republics. He unique and diverse practical east-west expertise greatly impacted import/export, consulting, manufacturing, academic, small and large private, state and foreign-owned existing and new entities. His direct operations included more than 5,000 persons and impacted the lives of millions of citizens in Eastern Europe at a time when they badly needed help like the expertise Jadoopat had to offer. It can be said that this student returned the kind favor to the ones who offered him a scholarship when he badly needed it. The Soviet people were indeed going through a time when their economy was enduring the painful transition from socialism to capitalism, state ownership of the means of production to free market economies.

Jadoopat is one of the few if not the only person who theoretically and practically challenged the mighty soviet order and argued successfully, not without dangerous hurdles, for a rethinking of political and economic policies in order to serve the better interest of the current generation of citizens in that part of the world. He asserts that it is useless, harmful and unscientific to force people to work and make sacrifices for “the future generation” which does not exist, may not exist and cannot exist without inheriting the consequences of the activities, illnesses, weaknesses and lessons of “the current generation”. He sustained high-level debates with many prominent philosophers and scientists on this and other subjects, and apparently convinced most of them.

A life-time merited scholarships from primary school to secondary school to college diplomas, to masters degree and to doctorate degree are just part of Jadoopat,s dynamic multi-facet talents. There can be no substitute for self-respect, high moral and social values, openness, honesty, hard- and smart work. Among his very extensive list of additional achievements, Jadoopat founded and played leading roles in many sports and cultural organizations wherever he finds himself, at school, at places of employment and university and in his community.

Successfully managing five companies simultaneously in five different countries while interacting with some of the world’s leading politicians, academicians and businesses may be the substance of his expertise. However, this no-nonsense personality found time to engage in numerous other aspects of life. On the world stage he emerged as co-founder of the International Graduates Association of MSU, with more than 60,000 members (1990), mainly foreign students who graduated from MSU and moved back to their respective countries as highly qualified professionals in hundreds of different subject areas. This automatically formed envious and substantial relationships with officials in more than 160 different countries around the world. These include special and sincere relationships with top businessmen, professionals and government officials, which Jadoopat cherishes as his most valuable advantages over others, which, as he says, money cannot buy. Cricket in the USA will also benefit from this massive array of impressive relationships Dr. Rudy Jadoopat accumulated over several decades.

The Guyana-born economist became a go-to person for business and other forms of advice when people need assistance. Jadoopat optimistically denounced the ‘cold-war’ syndromes in 1980’s, something very few risked doing inside Russia at that time when freedom of speech was discouraged and anything said against the soviet establishment was taken as anti-soviet, anti-socialism, pro-American and CIA-sponsored. His motto is “did nothing, fear nothing”. Through his interactions with influential representatives of the political hierarchy, Dr. Rudy Jadoopat strategically became probably one of the main theoretical masterminds of international peace between nuclear USA and Russia in 1987, details of which this article avoids. He also sees international economic relations as the medium via which peace and harmony can be, not only established and maintained, but also more importantly, sustained among nations.

Versed with diversity in intellectual understanding of both the nuances of the free market system and the advantages and disadvantages of state-ownership, Jadoopat possesses a unique treasure, which during this time of international economic crisis, recession and chaos, can prove invaluable if harnessed by ICC, USACA, International Organization or any Government entity.

Ambition never deluded Jadoopat who finds joy using his expertise to avoid what others do and create new projects and initiate new advancements. Another of his brain-child was the establishment of a department of circus art, classical music and ballet dancing at the university of Guyana in 1995-1996 to serve the peoples of the English-speaking Caribbean. He contracted eighteen of Russia’s best circus performers, devised a specific academic program. University of Guyana officials were very supportive, but the political elite felt Jadoopat would show them down and become too popular in the country. The group entered the country and captivated audiences including then President Cheddi Jagan with rare skill at State House, the National Cultural Center and the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.

“The intention was to create opportunities for Guyanese and Caribbean nationals to study and become internationally competitive professionals in the fields of Circus Arts, Classical Music and Ballet Dancing, which was unprecedented at the time. However, the Ministry of Education and the government thwarted the project at the last minute, mainly because a few selfish communist-oriented party boys saw Jadoopat as someone who openly supported free market economy, embraced the reforms in Soviet Union and has substantial influence. They were worried and very envious that the name Jadoopat might become popular enough to encourage him to enter the local political arena and bring about political and economic reforms. Unfortunately, due to prolonged dithering by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the project never got off the ground,” he said. The Russian artists departed Guyana when their temporary visas were not extended after brief performances.

After ten years at university, and ten years in International businesses, in 2000 Jadoopat came from Europe to USA to obtain the direct American experience. Here he continued his trend, establishing and developing private several businesses and helping people. Like he has done since childhood, Jadoopat formed sports and cultural organizations in the US. In 2002 he encouraged the NY Cricket Region to improve the level of operations. Having studied how other major team sports developed, he is convinced that cricket administrators and cricketers must understand that marketing and promotions are highly specialized areas in today’s competitive world. This conviction led to his creation of promotional items for cricket, establishment of a marketing and promotions agency, Cricketusa Corp for which purpose he spend hundreds of thousands of his personal funds.Unfortunately, the old lords of cricket in the US continue to shove personal interests above the greater objective of cricket development. Jadoopat feels that cricket will inevitably become a major team sports in the US and his efforts will prove fruitful in the long-run.

Dr. Jadoopat feels very confident that USACA CEO position can present the opportunity for him to fulfill his desire to serve a wider cross-section of people who love and play his national sport. With a track record of dealing successfully with big businesses, Jadoopat feels he has what it takes to bring on board the Toyatas, Coca Colas, IBMs and Nikes among others and their money to United States cricket.

“My qualifications, experience, and unique international business relationships would be ideal in quickly establishing a solid foundation for the development of USACA,” the economist declared.

Now with the world ruling cricket body, the International Cricket Council (ICC) overseeing the USACA CEO appointment and with a more stable national body, Jadoopat feels he more comfortable that his expertise might be given a greater chance now to fulfill his desire and the deep desire of all cricket lovers in the US.

When asked to give us a brief insight of his vision for US Cricet Jadoopat mentioned: “improving facilities, building better facilities, paying cricketers, making cricket a profession, broadcasting cricket nationally are all aspects of a massive 6-Year US Cricket Development Plan 2009-2015 by which time World-Cup Cricket can come to the US according to Dr. Jadoopat.

Hopefully, by this time next year the Guyanese internationalist could well be in the first phase towards overhauling America’s cricket operations given the opportunity. ICC and USACA should not miss out on a life-time opportunity to attract such talent available right here in our very midst, already voluntarily doing so much for cricket development in the US.

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