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Canada Rules By Kayoing America

By Orin Davidson
July 10th, 2009
(Comment Below)
As the sun set over the Maple Leaf cricket facility, the United States team was still huddled in a tight circle, on the outfield of one of four fields. It was a longer than normal team meeting and for good reason.

The 2005 ICC Americas Under-19 champions had lots of soul searching to piece together following a surprise, confidence sapping loss to Canada in the key game of the 2009 championship.

Team USA and Canada exchange hand shakes after the game. (Below) The main supporters of the USA team.

The United States had entered the competition brimful of confidence, more so after defeating Bermuda in the third round, you got the impression they were already planning a victory party for another title triumph.

But in sport you are not guaranteed anything and especially in cricket because it is never over until the fat lady sings.

Visions of the Tante Merle experience were dancing before the eyes of the vociferous group who were screaming their approval for every positive act the United States players enacted, as they slid gradually from a position of control to that eventual upset defeat.

On a slow turning pitch the United States bowlers seemed to have the match wrapped up in their favour after dismissing Canada for paltry 193 runs. On any given day, in any type of condition, the United States was expected to wipe off that type of target.

This time though their batting proved turned out to be their lone weakness as they collapsed from the top to lose this important encounter by 62 runs. Unlike their previous encounter when they defeated Bermuda despite caving in at the middle after a solid start, it was reverse disaster for the Sew Shivnarine coached team Friday. They lost four wickets before reaching 50 and succumbed to probing, penetrative spin bowling from the home team, who are now poised to win the competition for the first time on home soil.

Gregory Sewdial, the once child prodigy batsman, battled gallantly but luck was not on his side. He was given out run out via a poor decision by the umpire, one which the visiting team could identify as a factor that aided their defeat.

But in spite of Sewdial’s well made 41, the U.S. was out-bowled and out-fielded by the feisty Canada team.

They sunk their teeth into the match by removing inform Asrudeen Mohammed, Henry Wardley, Shiv Vishashat and Ryan Corns cheaply. For his part Corms, the brilliant righthander was seriously hampered by a leg injury that hindered his movement and saw him removed softly for 12.

Thereafter, the Americans were no match for the spin of Qadir, Gunasekara and Patel.

Sewdial who hit four fours and one six stabilised the innings with a purposeful sixth wicket stand with Regis Burton with 22, but once the umpire incorrectly ruled that the Bronx native did not beat a direct hit on the stumps, the U.S.’s hopes of winning their second straight title after not participating in 2007, went up in smoke.

Spin was the order of the day, and the U.S. employed five to undo Canada’s batting after the latter team won the toss batted first. Gunasekara topscored with 42 and Patel got 31 in a profitable but slow opening partnership. Then it was left to Vishashat who ended with 3-40 and Ghous 2-18 to apply the brakes.

America’s batting though could not unlock the handbrakes Canada’s spinners employed that resulted in the home team sitting pretty in the lead with four wins from four games.

The U.S., with 3 wins from four, only hope in winning the crown lies in Bermuda producing an upset win over Canada today (Saturday, July 11) and themselves beating Cayman Islands handily.

If not they will have to think hard about their strategy for the next international series.

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Well, the glorious game of cricket is such - it's not over until it's over. That is what makes this game such a glorious one. My question is that why was Ryan Corns in the side if he had an injury? Are we so player strapped that we have to play someone who is not fit physically. The little things sometimes keep us from attain greatness. Guys, if you look around there is a large stable of youngsters who are playing fantastic cricket. Let's us be openminded and look for players whocan do the job. Let us not just concentrate of certain players, players who we like. I hope my comments are taken in a positive manner, as I am one person who very much like to see our cricket improve. Thank you, kindly.
By Sam Sooppersaud, July 13, 2009

Ryan did not play in the last game.
By Mohammed, July 13, 2009

Ryan Corns recieved his injury during the game against canada. He immediately left the field and had to bat with a runner. He was rested for the game against the Cayman Islands. Please get your facts straight.
Cricketer 88, July 11th, 2009

Good job my brothers Andy and Greg stay up guys good luck in rest of the games.
Abdullah Syed, July 11th, 2009
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