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Record Number Of Officials For U.S. U-19 W/Cup Squad

By Orin Davidson
Dec. 20th, 2009 | 8 Comments
A whopping number of seven officials have been selected to manage the United States team for the International Cricket Council‘s (ICC) Under-19 World Cup.

But it will cost the country’s national ruling body nothing in basic expenses, except if a demand for salaries is made.

New York resident Clain Williams could probably grab the opening spot with Carl Wright after scoring heavily during the T20 trials. (Photo by Shiek Mohamed.)

All travelling, accommodation and internal expenses for the seven and the party of players are being covered by the International Cricket Council (ICC), the world ruling body for the two-week series in New Zealand.

The coach Sew Shivnarine and manager were named long in advance along with physiotherapist Akhtar “Chick” Masood. In addition there is Reggie Benjamin who named coaching advisor, while Victor Benjamin will perform duties as physical trainer. The authorities, it seem are seemingly bent on placing outstanding New York coach Linden Fraser on a blacklist as there was no place for him despite his wide knowledge and motivational skills.

The Benjamins and Shivnarine, who all first class playing experience have never worked together before on one team. Shivnarine, is the former West Indies Test player, Reggie Benjamin an ex Leeward Islands first class team man and Victor Benjamin a former Guyana club player.

They were all expected to attend a final selection camp in Florida over the weekend which also accommodated the senior team.

In the qualifying competition in Canada, last summer, the U.S. players were clearly unfit and flagged badly in the latter stages after an excellent start.

Victor Benjamin is an accomplished trainer and he will be pumped up to push the players to the hilt while Shivnarine who handled the team solely in Canada might find the demands from the trainer overwhelming.

The remainder of the management party consists of manager Wesley King while two new positions will be filled by Shelton Glasgow and Ganesh Sanat as delegate and statistician, respectively Glasgow is the longstanding Atlantic regional director, but the credentials of Sanat from one of the West Coast Regions, is reportedly being questioned already. Not much is known of him and searching questions are sure to be asked.

Dennison Thomas

Similarly controversy could brew when the final composition of the playing squad is determined. There should no problem among the core players who have established themselves in the form of captain Shiv Vishashat, Ryan Corns, Gregory Sewdial, Andy M Mohamed, Saquib Saleem, Henry Wardley and Yash Shah.

A lot of clamouring is being made for Stephen Taylor, the wicketkeeper/batsman who toured with the senior U.S. team but overlooked for the said Under-19 World Cup preliminaries. From a party of 20-odd players on show the 15 best will be determined to make the trip to New Zealand where the United States will be making its second appearance in the world’s premier junior competition.

In light of the bi-lateral partnership forged between USACA and the New Zealand cricket Board the team will have a two week camp in New Zealand immediately before the action starts in the World Cup. Cricket New Zealand will cover most of the camp expenses and the squad will wing out for New Zealand within two weeks.

In contrast, the selectors will have a much tougher task in identifying the senior squad as a few players have jumped into the reckoning since the United States team last played, one year ago in winning the Americas title.

The selectors will be in dilemma in having to select one team for both versions of the shorter form of the game. The World Cup T20 qualifying series which they will contest in Dubai will require players versed in 20 overs while they must be good at the longer 50 overs s version for the ICC Group Five playoffs in Nepal.

The unfortunate reality is that the T20 series and the ICC Division Five championships are to contested back to back, resulting in the squad being away for a full month.

Brooklyn resident and New Jersey Region team player Clain Willaims made a big batting impact in the first camp despite never playing for the U.S. previously. He scored heavily in the two T20 trial games and is poised to grab the other opening position with Carl Wright. According to reports regular opener Sushil Nadkarnie is sidelined with an Achilles heel injury and might not be fit for the tour begging early February. Former Under-19 star Akeem Dodson the wicketkeeper batsman and Dennison Thomas have been drafted into the camp after being omitted initially.

TimRoy Allen, the most promising young seam bowler in America is not listed, but hopefully good sense will prevail, to have the youngest, who was one of the team’s best bowers in the West Indies Regional series last year, to continue his development

Lennox Cush, fast improving strokemaker Glenn Hall, Steve Massiah, Orlando Baker, Adita Thyagarajan Imran Iwan, Usman Shuja and Gowkaran Ramnarine are the others who should comprise the heart of the team.

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Mr. Blackwood:
Is not that people do not like Fraser. The chap cannot communicate with the youngsters. He might be a "Level III" coach, but anyone can become a level III coach.
Posted by Youth Cricketer on Dec. 21st, 2009

Someone don't like Fraser, he gives 100%, where are the other guys when the chips are down.On the senior team drafting Denison Thomas is a waste of time, his first class career finished long time ago. I played youth cricket with him, he is 42 years old, bowls military medium pace, his batting has gone south. Is this a joke? 7 officials, this is worst than a currygoat team. I wish the youngsters all the best in NZL, and I hope they carry youngsters who don\'t TROW, because they will surely get no ball in NZL.
Posted by Bernard Blackwood on Dec. 21st, 2009

I see all these staff members but no media person, i guess USACA will continue to take a free ride when it comes to publicity as they usually do, will wait to see if any of the hard working guys from newyorkcricket.com is on that staff.
Posted by Abdul Khan on Dec. 21st, 2009

Youth Cricketer: The airfare, fooding & lodging is being taken care of by USACA. The support staff will also be paid daily stipend. So there is not much volunteering in this. I have come to learn that the USACA President is not listening to any other Board member. Except for a few in the support team, rest are going for a party because they are near and dear the USACA President.
Posted by Sumesh R on Dec. 21st, 2009

Mr. Orin you always write good articles. Wish the USA senior and Junior teams the best. It is a very important month for the senior team. Batting has always been a problem in big games. A lot depends on the form of Steve Massiah and Adita Thygarajan who provide a good mix between all the other stroke players. The bowling has always been good. Cush and Usman economical.
Posted by Observe on Dec. 21st, 2009

Aside from the top heavy NY party goers, 2 weeks in NZ will help but it's not enough. Canada has been in St. Kitts and has played 2 full matches vs. W.I. and improving daily.
WE'RE STILL CHOOSING A TEAM. This team cannot play spinners and has no seamers or batting depth.
I wish the boys the best of luck. Sanap, consider yourself lucky and understand that the NY clique runs USACA, congratulations are deserved.

Posted by Wayne on Dec. 21st, 2009

I don't think they have enough officials on that squad.There should be another seven added on.Are you people crazy? This is just a youth squad and USA found places for seven of these guys to accompany them.WOW!
What\'s gonna happen if they have to go on tours that last 3 months and with the seniors? Maybe I am stupid with all those other folks that follow this game in the USA.That's why the will always cry about money etc.One idiot already writing about himself in your column. Has all that qualifies him a spot?
Frasier you are probably no good.
Posted by Derrick Kallicharran on Dec. 21st, 2009

"But it will cost the country’s national ruling body nothing in basic expenses, except if a demand for salaries is made." Basically these officials are voluntering their time and service for USA cricketer.
Posted by Youth Cricketer on Dec. 21st, 2009
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