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Second Tri State Title For Eastern American

By Orin Davidson
Sept. 30th, 2008
Eastern American Youths made a clean sweep of the 2008 Tri State Under-19 series by adding the Regional title to their list by sweeping aside Connecticut in the final played in Connecticut.

Victorious Eastern American Under-19 team.

A brilliant bowling performance by Andy Mohamed spurred Eastern American to a 51-run victory that repeated their triumph over the same team in the Tri State New York finals three weeks earlier.

Mohamed bagged five wickets for 15 runs with his off spin that sent Connecticut crashing to 78 all out in reply to Eastern Americas’ 129 in the 35 overs a side game. Sunil Ghandi was also unplayable snaring 3-8.

Earlier Karran Bridgepaul carried Eastern American to their eventual winning score with a fine 40 runs topscore which was aided by 34 from Irfan Ijaz with 34 and Ramesh Ramnarine 23.
Andrew Ajodhi came into his own for Connecticut with another excellent leg spin bowling display that saw him bagging 3-19. H. Smith was also in good form recording identical figures.

Sunesh Wazid

Connecticut’s batsmen never coped with the bowling which was reflected in the topscore of 17 made by Colin Munroe.

Eastern American ended the series unbeaten, and has the Regional and New York titles as reward.

Meanwhile Richmond Hill crushed Everest ACS by seven wickets to win the EACA League Twenty/20 title staged in New York recently.

Richmond Hill’s Sunesh Wazid destroyed Everest by taking 5-13 to help dismiss the innings for 98 runs in 19.2 overs. He got good support from Latchman Udai who bagged 2-31. Only Karan Ganesh with 24 runs gave any resistance for Everest ACS.

Richmond Hill replied with 104-3 led by a blazing 49 not out from in-form Zaheer Saffie. Shameer Sadloo chipped in with 25. For Everest Trevor Walke took 2-18.

EACA Twenty/20 Finals
Match Type: EACA Twenty20 Finals
Result: Richmond Hill won by 7 Wickets

Zaheer Saffie

Everest/ACS Innings
Amjad Khan Bowled Latchman Udai 15
Ryan Sukhdeo Bowled Latchman Udai 0
H. Nowrangilall Bowled Kaleem Bux 3
Karan Ganesh Caught (M. Yussuff) Sunesh Wazid 24
Zamin Amin Caught (T. Balwant) Sunesh Wazid 13
Terry Hastoo Stumped (A. Asgarally) Shiv Raghubar 12
David Umadan Caught (wkpr. A. Asgarally S Wazid 0
Anthony Roberts Caught (T. Balwant) S Wazid 0
Anil Solomon Not Out 10
Trevor Walke Caught (Shiv Raghubar) Sunesh Wazid 1
Saheed Amin Caught (T. Balwant) Shameer Sadloo 0
Batsman Total: 78
Extras: Wides (15), Leg Byes (1), Byes (4)} 20
Grand Total for 10 Wkts off 19.2 Overs 98
FoW: 1-10 (R. Sukhdeo), 2-19 (Khan), 3-22 (Nowrangilall), 4-69 (Ganesh), 5-69 (Z. Amin), 6-74 (Umadan),
7-74 (Roberts), 8-93 (Hastoo), 9-96 (Walke), 10-98 (S. Amin)
Bowling: Kaleem Bux 4-1-12-1, Latchman Udai 3-0-31-2, Shameer Sadloo 2.2-0-13-1, Zaheer Saffie 2-0-8-0, Shiv Raghubar 4-0-16-1, Sunesh Wazid 4-1-13-5

Richmond Hill Innings
Mustaq Yussuff L.B.W. Trevor Walke 9
Sanjai Sookdeo Caught (A. Roberts) Saheed Amin 0
Zaheer Saffie Not Out 49
Tamesh Balwant Caught (A. Roberts) Trevor Walke 5
Shameer Sadloo Not Out 25
Kaleem Bux DNB
Shiv Raghubar DNB
Sunesh Wazid DNB
Steve Raghubar DNB
Ajaz Asgarally DNB
Latchman Udai DNB
Batsman Total: 88
Extras: {No Balls (2), Wides (11), Byes (2), Leg Byes (1)} 16
Grand Total for 3 Wkt off 18.5 Overs 104
FoW: 1-1 (S. Sookdeo), 2-17 (Yussuff), 3-29 (Balwant)
Bowling: Saheed Amin 4-1-10-1, Trevor Walke 4-0-18-2, Terry Hastoo 4-1-15-0, Zamin Amin 3.5-039-0, Karan Ganesh 3-0-19-0

Hillside Register Easy Win Over Trini Boys
Toss & Decision: Won by Trini Boys and decided to field d to field
Match Type: 20 Overs
Result: Hillside Won

Hillside Innings
N Juman caught M Sheriff 1
C Thomas stump M Sheriff 27
I Hassan caught Bedesi 11
S Allie caught A Ramdass 23
N Stanford caught A Ramdass 13
D Smith bowled K Roopnarine 35
M Heeralall caught V Kowlessar 10
M Sandiford not out not out 11
Batsman Total: 131
Extras: {No Ball 0, Wides 15, Leg Byes 5, Byes 0 20
Grand Total for7 Wkts off 20 Overs 151
Bowling: M Sheriff 4-0-21-2, S Baksh 2-0-30-0, Bedesi 4-0-19-1, A Ramdass 4-0-29-2, K Roopnarine 4-0-30-1, V Kowlessar 2-0-22-1

Trini Boys Innings
K Ramlakhan bowled M Sandiford 32
I Sealy caught A Hasledar 29
S Mohan retire hurt retire hurt 18
K Roopnarine caught V Naidu 9
A Remdass bowled A Hasledar 11
Bedesi not out not out 7
D Boodram run out run outt 1
S Baksh run out run out 0
V Kowlessar not out not out 1
Batsman Total: 108
Extras: {No Balls,0 Wides 5 Byes 1 , Leg Byes 1 7
Grand Total for 6 Wkt off 20 Overs 115
Bowling: S.Allie 2-0-15-0, N Stanford 4-0-29-0, D smith 3-0-18-0, V Naidu 3-0-17-1, M Sandiford 4-0-15-1, A Hasledar 4-0-20-2

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