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Ashook Patel Threatens Legal Action Against USACA In Elections Run Up

By Orin Davidson
March 29th, 2008
Longstanding cricket personality Ashook Patel has broken the calm run up to today’s (Saturday March 29) United States of America Cricket Association’s (USACA) executive elections, by threatening legal action against the present executive for money he claims is owed to him.

The New Jersey based official has recruited the services of the Rajan & Rajan law firm to help recoup a total of $71,506 for among others, expenses incurred by the United States Under-19 team which he managed during the 2006 International Cricket Council (ICC) Under-19 World Cup in Sri Lanka.

In a letter dispatched to the USACA executive, the law firm wants payment within 10 days for its client failing which a law suit will be filed.

Patel claims he covered team expenses for a pre- World Cup warm up tour in Hyderabad, India and additional charges were made from two of his credit cards by USACA for the twin tours.

The official said he has repeatedly made demands for reimbursement that have been ignored and was forced to take action only now because he is loyal to USACA.

Patel pointed out that the team’s coach Larry Gomes and physiotherapist Basil Butcher Jr have been compensated for their services for the Asian tour.

His action has surfaced just days before the current USACA executive comprising president Gladstone Dainty, secretary Paul Da Silva, treasurer Selwyn Caesar and vice president Nabeel Ahmed are vying for re-election in the executive elections today (Saturday March 29) in New York.

In what has been deemed a calm run up before Patel’s action, today’s elections are expected to be staged smoothly and as scheduled.

lt is scheduled for the La Guardia Marriot hotel from 11 am, and the Ram Varadarajan slate, which is contesting all five positions, seems to be enjoying better media promotion than its rivals, none of whom have collectively formed teams to contest the presidency, vice presidents, secretary and treasurer posts.

Ram Varadarajan, who is running for president, Shahid Tahir for first vice president, Munaff Mohamed – second vice president, John Aaron for treasurer and John Thickett - treasurer have all been interviewed by website.

In addition Varadarajan along with the other three presidential candidates – Dainty and Kamran Khan were covered by world renowned cricinfo website.

Tahir will be challenged by long serving New York official Kris Prasad and Ahmed for the first vice presidency while former New York director Jeffroy Morrishaw will clash with Mohamed, Suresh Anne and Andrew Verreire for second vice president.

Aaron, the current New York director will go up against incumbent Da Silva for secretary while Thickett and Caesar will be in a two-man race for treasurer.

World Cup 2007 chief organizer Chris Dehring will overlook the elections on behalf of the West Indies Cricket Board and KPMG firm will reportedly audit the process.

A satisfactory run elections will help restore United States cricket to international recognition after an ICC ban was instituted in 2006.
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