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Kris Prasad Banks On Experience For USACA Vice Presidency

By Orin Davidson
March, 14, 2008
Experience is the most bandied about requirement in the race for the United States Presidency this season which is what Kuldeap “Kris” Prasad brings to the fore in a quest for the first vice presidency of the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA).

Kuldeap Prasad

One of the more popular administrators in New York cricket, Prasad will be challenging for the top position in an independent capacity and is confident he can beat all comers without running on a slate.

“When I look at things, I hardly see any type of experience out there, which is why I decided to run,” stated the recently elected New York Region Representative to USACA.

Prasad brings more than 40 years of administrative experience stretching back to the mid 1960s when he served as secretary of Ogle Cricket Club in his native Guyana.

Of late Prasad has been the driving force behind the success of most competitive cricket in New York and comes equipped with a stellar resume in his latest administrative quest.

Before voted into office recently as the first Representative to serve New York on the national ruling body (USACA), Prasad was Chairman of the New York Cricket Committee for four years and is serving in an identical position on the Ahmad Caribbean Cup committee which stages the biggest team competition in the United States, for the last four years.

In addition he served two terms as President of the Eastern American Cricket Association (EACA) and for the last 22 years he has been President of Everest Cricket Club.

Basing his candidacy on his ability to get the job done regardless of the circumstances, Prasad holds claim to keeping alive a number of New York cricket activities through his gift for fund raising.

Under his Chairmanship the Ahmad Caribbean Cup developed its high prestige over the last four years and Prasad was almost single-handedly responsible for raising money to stage the Under-19 Tri State Cup for the last two years.

The competition was used to mold the New York team that resoundingly won the national under-19 championship last year.

Prasad rates the development of grassroots cricket as one of the nation’s main priorities which he feels is necessary to take the sport here to another level.

Popularizing the sport in schools and sustaining the growing interest among young players through specialized programs are areas he sees as vital to the development thrust.

The New York administrator believes finance potential is tremendous in the country but suggests the national body has to get its house in order first to realize the benefits.

“There is untapped money out there, people are willing to help, but disorganization and in-fighting will prevent funding,” he stated in reference to the dysfunctional state USASA has existed in the last few years. “Structure and organization is very important”.

He feels too many people run for office that are not serious about the sport which he thinks is the cause for the sport’s problems throughout the country.

Pushing for the lifting of the ban on United States by International Cricket Council (ICC) is also a main priority for the New York administrator.

He also sees the need for better structuring of the nation’s senior cricket which would among other benefits provide opportunities for players from the north who are hindered by cold weather, to prepare fully in Regions with all year round cricket weather, for national and international competitions.

The adjusted USACA constitution which now requires league Presidents to elect the USACA executive, is a good change in Prasad’s view.

“The league Presidents are ideal to elect the executive and I think they have a splendid chance to chose the best people for the job,” Prasad declared.

So far the New Yorker feels he should get lots of support for his election bid in New York, Florida and Connecticut.

He will be up against Shahid Tahir from the Ram Varadarajan slate and Nabeel Ahmad, who to the surprise of many has been serving as vice president of USACA for the March 29 election scheduled for New York.

On a professional level, Prasad is an engineer employed with American Airlines as a training supervisor for 30 years.

Meanwhile, according to reports, outgoing USACA President Gladstone Dainty has confirmed his intention to seek his third term where he will be vying with Varadarajan, a California executive, and former USACA President Kamran Khan. And from all indications, Dainty will not be running on a slate.

His secretary Paul Da Silva has thrown his hat into the ring for re-election that sets up an enticing battle with the fast rising current New York Regional Chairman John Aaron.

A third candidate is reportedly Sankar Renganathan of the Great Lakes Cricket Conference.

Also outgoing USACA treasurer Selwyn Caesar is also in the running for re-election and will face off with John Thickett of the Varadarajan slate.

For the second vice presidency, New York’s Jeffroy Morrishaw is in contention with Munaff Mohamed of the Varadarajan slate and Suresh Anne of the Great Lakes Cricket Conference.

There is also a report of an American-born cricketer Andrew Verriere contesting one of the two vice president positions.
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