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Morrishaw Is Latest New York Director

By Orin Davidson
June 25th, 2008
Second time around seems to be the charm for Jeffroy Morrishaw, who recently had the unique experience of being elected New York cricket Director twice in a little over a year.

Jeffroy Morrishaw

At a recent election to identify a new Director, Morrishaw defeated Linden Fraser in a one- sided vote to replace John Aaron who relinquished the post in April.

Morrishaw secured eight votes from the 10 person electorate comprising the six League Presidents and four officers- at- large of the New York Regional Committee.

A former longstanding president of the New York Cricket League, Morrishaw was initially elected New York Director last year but following the restructuring of the United States of America Cricket Association’s (USACA) constitution, it required fresh a election earlier this year.

On that occasion, he lost out to Aaron who went on to vie for the USACA secretarial position which he won on March 29, that required him to give up the directorship.

Morrishaw and Fraser then contested a two person contest, resulting in the former winning the right to serve for the next three years.

The new Director feels his task in running New York cricket a daunting prospect as with limited financial resources and lots of development needed, he finds himself between a rock and a hard place.

“I would dearly like to play a vital part in the development of New York cricket, but at this stage there is nothing much to work with,” he said. “We need all the help possible and will be reaching out to all sources for assistance, businesses, individuals, the city – wherever because you have to start some place.”

With New York not having a cricket specific facility, there is a dire need for the upgrading of the ones in use presently, which only have provisions for matting pitches as opposed to the conventional turf types.

Plans by Queens borough President Helen Marshall to develop the Idlewild Park facility has been welcomed and when they materialize, would help Morrishaw’s plans, which also include spreading the schools program and expanding the ones in place for Under-19 players.

More pressing to Morrishaw though, is raising funds to stage the National Championships Eastern Conference playoffs that will be staged in New York for the second time in three years.

The director says approximately $25,000 is needed to host the four teams over three days of competition on the 4th July weekend.

New York , which was denied the chance of winning due to rain in the last year’s playoffs in New Jersey, will tackle Atlantic and South East Regions.

Morrishaw said New York will host the Under-15 national championship later in the summer.

Also on top of his agenda is to resolve the Commonwealth League’s status with USACA.

For several years the Commonwealth League has been without affiliation status to USACA because of a continuous dispute over club finance dues.

Being by far the largest League in New York with more than 30 clubs, Commonwealth, as a result of its problems with USACA was unable to vote in all national elections over the last six years.

Morrishaw, though is confident he can broker an agreement, stating that “common sense and cool heads will prevail.”
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