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New York (Zone One) Fails To Win U-15 Title

By Orin Davidson
July 23rd, 2008
New York’s coach is crying foul after the Region’s team lost its bid to win the United States Under-15 championship following an arbitrary change of the format on the final day of the series Sunday.

NY/Connecticut coach Linden Fraser.

California (Zone Four) carted off the crown by playing unbeaten in their three games with New York/Connecticut (Zone One) having to settle for second place after losing their key match to the former team, at the Michael Camera Park on the Chicago outskirts.

However, the New York/Connecticut team felt hard done because that vital game was changed to a 20 overs clash instead of the original 40 overs format after rain washed out all play in the second round scheduled for Saturday.

“Our players had never played Twenty20 games before, it was totally new to them and it was wrong to change a format in the middle of the competition”. New York/Connecticut coach Linden Fraser said.

The coach argued that the original competition rules should have been adhered to where points are awarded for wins, draws but none for no-results and losses.

If none of the teams were awarded points on Saturday, following the washout, the matches on Sunday would have been vital for the front runners.

Net run rate would’ve been used to determine the eventual champions if two teams were tied on points.

According to reports, none of the teams were consulted on the switch to 20 overs, being told that the decision was a directive from the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA).

As a result the teams had to play two matches back to back, comprising the second and third rounds on the one day on Sunday, with California winning both of their games and New York/Connecticut winning their second fixture against Texas/ Michigan (Zone Three).

New York/Connecticut had defeated New Jersey/Florida (Zone Two) in their opening match on Friday.

They ended the competition with eight points to California’s 12.

New Jersey/Florida took third place with four points while host team Texas/Michigan ended in the cellar without any points.

The competition was also used to select the United States team for the Americas Cup Under-15 championship held in Bermuda later this year.
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