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USACA’s Dainty, Coach Fraser Clash Over Ban

By Orin Davidson
July 25th, 2008
Sparks are about to fly in a potential ugly showdown that can once again undermine the operations of the United States of America Cricket Association. (USACA).

USACA president Gladstone Dainty

At the center of the storm is recently reelected USACA president Gladstone Dainty who dropped a bombshell by suspending longstanding New York coach Linden Fraser, indefinitely from all cricket activities related to the association.

The fireworks are a repercussion from the just concluded USACA Under-15 championships and the team selection, of which Fraser who was one of three selectors named prior to the competition.

Following the team’s selection on Sunday, after the series, to represent the United States at next month’s International Cricket Council (ICC) Americas Under-15 series, Fraser said he received an email from Dainty informing him of the suspension.

Fraser, however is not taking it lying down and has vowed to challenge Dainty’s action even if it means involving the world ruling body ICC.

The coach explained that he was accused by Dainty of releasing the team without approval, but Fraser explained that the USACA president is wrong on all counts.

In his e-mail Dainty stated that Fraser released the team publicly without permission and should have known better.

Coach Linden Fraser

“In my opinion your unauthorized action is damaging to our organization. I am therefore suspending you from all activities of the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA)”, Dainty wrote..

However, Fraser countered by stating that he did not release the team to the public, stating that the email with the squad was sent to USACA operations manager Munaff Mohamed and by error also went to a list which had only USACA officials including Board members and a few regional cricket officials.

“I was asked by Munaff Mohamed (USACA cricket operations official and second vice president) to send the team to him and by mistake it also went to a list that included the names of the other cricket people,” the coach explained.

He added that as far as he knew they (selectors) were never told that they were selecting a team that had to be approved by anyone.

“ Why then did Munaff not tell me to send the team to Dainty for approval, instead of sending it to him (Munaff)” questioned the coach.

Fraser also queried whether Dainty has the authority to suspend him without agreement from the USASA executive.

In his e-mail Dainty said the final determination of the suspension would be subsequently determined by the USACA executive Board of Directors.

It is left to be seen the type of support Dainty will get for the ban as already one official has deemed the action unnecessary and unwarranted.

Fraser has warned that he will go all the way to ensure that Dainty is stopped in his tracks.

Several attempts by telephone yesterday (Friday) to elicit a reaction from the USACA president were futile.

The coach explained the situation developed from a disagreement among the three selectors over the final composition of the U.S. team.

He explained that the recently appointed coach Anwar Khan, of Pakistan, who along with Fraser and Prem Suri comprised the panel, was out-voted on the inclusion of one player.

Fraser said Khan was adamant the player be included and subsequently refused to sign off on the final list, the former and Suri had unanimously decided on last Sunday..

Fraser said he feels that Khan along with fellow Pakistani Akhtar ‘Chick” Masood, the USACA representative from Central East (Michigan) had a plan to include a number of their favorite players.

When the final team list of was eventually released by USACA it contained three changes to the original.

Fraser said New York batsman Qwesi Edmondson who had topscored for his team twice in the three matches they played in the competition and ending not out in the other , was one of the casualties.

Pranav Pradham of California and Herno Smith were the others.

“They (three) are all good players, Smith is the fastest bowler around and can bat too, the coach stated.

He disclosed that one of the players was crestfallen after learning he was removed from the squad.

Whether the issues are sorted out and team is allowed to travel to Bermuda or not, it is left to be seen.

Following is the revised squad:
1. Abhijit Joshi - Captain
2. Steven Taylor - Vice Captain
3. Pranay Suri
4. Arsh Buch
5. Vikram Valluri
6. Krishneal Goel
7. Muhammad Mujtaba
8. Jason Fox
9. Kalim Ahmed
10. Andrew Ajodhi
11. Cameron Mirza
12. Steven Sawh
13. Waqas Shah
14. Chris Singh
Wesley King will accompany Khan as team coach.

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