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Sookhoo Reels Off Another Over-45 MVP Award

By Orin Davidson
July 11th, 2008
Steve Sookhoo wrote his name into the records of New York Over-45 softball with another virtuoso performance that highlighted the just concluded Independence Cup competition.

Steve Sookhoo proudly displays his 2008 and 2007 MVP trophies with cups for past performances in the background.

Following up on his epic performance of 2007, Sookoo became the first player to cart off back to back Over45 MVP awards following a virtuoso display this year.

He blazed his bat for 215 runs aggregate representing Legends which narrowly lost out on winning the Over-45 crown, last Sunday in the New York Softball Cricket Association’s (NYCA) annual Cup series that attracted teams from Florida and the best from the Big Apple.

The flashy right hand batsman topped his performances with a series high 90 runs in the final that narrowly failed to clinch victory for Legends against Better Hope.

Deservingly Sookhoo copped the MVP award and also walked away with the Highest Scorer prize in the final.

Displaying a likeness for the Better Hope bowling, Sookhoo stroked 61 off the attack in the preliminary round after smacking 51 off Florida in the said round.

His tally of 215 runs in the series placed him in a difference class among his opposition and teammates.

And if scoring well was not enough, Sookhoo exemplified his all round ability, by bagging a series haul five wickets.

By far the best batsmen in the Legends lineup, Sookoo was elevated to open the batting in the final last Sunday, and he responded by reeling off the best display of the series, falling in the final over.

Scoring a century in softball competition is the toughest to accomplish in any type of cricket, more so because those games are only 25 overs long.

Which is why Sookoo’s feat was a gem for an Over-45 player.

“Batting in softball cricket is not easy, but I have learnt to combine attack and defense well and score consistently,” explains Sookhoo.

Given his batting form, Sookoo could compete with all comers for batting honors this season.

His 90, on Sunday was the second time he came close to notching three-figures.

Earlier in the season, he fell an agonizing three runs short, striking 97 for his club Meten-Meer-Zorg against Port Mourant All Stars in the current 30 overs competition.

You cannot want a better display, especially from a player over 45 years.

No one better deserves the MVP award as a result.
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