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Prashad, Aaron In Line For Top New York Posts

By Orin Davidson
Jan. 25, 2008
A likely fresh executive comprising popular members of the cricket fraternity are in line to serve on the new New York Cricket Association which has been mandated to administer the sport from now onwards.

Kris Prashad

John Aaron

Among the new faces in contention is Kris Prashad who according to reports is in the running for the coveted post as Regional Representative to the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA).

He is one of three names put forward up to press time yesterday for the two top positions which also includes Regional Chairman, which replaces the previously titled Regional Directorship.

With the new United States of America Cricket Association constitution taken care of, New York will be one of the first Regions to form its new Regional governing body whose officials will be determined by a vote tomorrow (Sunday 27th January)

The seven League presidents, from the Eastern American, Brooklyn, Metropolitan, Commonwealth New York , American and Nassau leagues will vote to identify the positions

John Aaron who made a good impression in his first term as president of the Eastern American Cricket Association league, has thrown his hat in the ring for Regional Chairman.

So far he is the lone name in contention for the position while former Trinidad and Tobago batsman Sheldon Gomes, Roy Sweeney, Al Akbar, Asmul Ali, Venelda Wallace and Godfrey Mitchell are the six names up for selection on the New York Board from which four will be identified.

The four along with the seven League presidents in the region will make up the New York Regional Board from which a secretary and treasurer will also be named.

Prashad who has served the regional in an unofficial capacity in the past, will likely contend with sitting New York Director Carlyle Miller for the USACA representative post. But up to press time efforts to contact Miller for confirmation were futile.

Miller was one of the candidates for the position last year before the USACA constitution was ratified that led to the suspension of the United States by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Speculation is also rife that New York Cricket League president Jeffrey Morrishaw will also be in the race for the position that could turn it into a three-man contest.

Miller has served as director for the last two years and has been working in close collaboration with Prashad in the handling of New York cricket affairs through a committee.

Up to press time there no challengers for Aaron for Regional Director. He was part of a three-man body including USACA President Gladstone Dainty and former West Indies Cricket Board President Ken Gordon, who was replaced by Chris Dehring, that overlooked the drafting and ratification of the new USACA constitution which is one requirement for the lifting of the ICC suspension.

Of the six names identified for the four positions on the new Board, two will represent youth and women’s cricket affairs.

Gomes is likely to represent youth and Wallace women while the other two will be Board members at large. They will all be eligible voting delegates along with the League directors to identify the USACA executive along with those from the other six Regions around the country. That election is set for 30 days after the ratification of the constitution, but likely will be held in March.

Long serving and committed New York administrator Clifford Hinds had told Cricket International he is not interested in serving on the Board, but would rather commit his time to youth player development in the Big Apple.

Tomorrow’s meeting will be held at Naresa Palace in Queens
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