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Aaron Unveils Ambitious New York Master Plan

John Aaron

By Orin Davidson
Feb. 8th, 2008
New York’s first ever cricket Chairman of cricket John Aaron has hit the ground running by unveiling a impressive yet ambitious five-year development plan, mere days after winning the election.

On top of his wish list are all the necessary requirements needed to take, not only New York’s cricket but that of the country, from its backwater existence to one ready for serious development.

Intensive training programs for all levels of youth players from under-15 to under-25 levels are among his priorities as well as a comprehensive marketing plan and the acquiring of cricket specific facilities.

The plan which is structured in phases from 2008 through 2010 is one of the best any official could come up in the circumstances and leaves beleaguered New York players and fans with some measure of optimism, given Aaron’s good track record for being proactive and fair.

He also proposes an upgrade of the New York Region constitution, which if it was not mentioned by him, one could easily feel it never existed given occurrences in the past.

Aaron also addressed the vital issue of establishing a New York cricket calendar to avoid clashes of activities ranging from competitions to presentation functions, as a result of the splurge of events staged by the seven Leagues and organizations like the Caribbean Cup committee which brings off the prestigious Ahmad Caribbean Cup.

The new Chairman plans to explore the possibility of registering the Region as a body classified as a 501 organization within the parameters of New York state laws.

For 2008, the intention is to shortlist 40 players between ages 15-25 for clinics and leadership training for a two-year period.

A New York cricketer of the year award ceremony is also being proposed by the Chairman.

Also women’s cricket will be focused on through the short listing of 36 players for training for the eventual launch of competitions in 2009.

Website advertising is being proposed this year to kick start an income earning plan that will run through 2010-12 with the procurement of major sponsorship from at least three big consumer companies.

By that time Aaron plans to have New York acquire a fully equipped dedicated New York Cricket playing facility with indoor components in 2009 and the building of 10 fields throughout the five boroughs by 2011-12.

A regional headquarters building complete with assembly and banquet halls along with a library is also expected to be had.

Along the way, the Chairman plans to have the Region’s website fully active and operational with all relevant information.

Apart from the sponsorship, Aaron hopes to acquire funding for maintenance of facilities from city and state agencies as well as private foundations.

The master plan outlines special exposure tours overseas for all New York teams including the women and intensive training for all officials from umpires to administrators.

Throughout its history New York cricket has never been driven to exhibit the type of ambition Aaron is displaying. But it is never criminal to plan big and given Aaron’s track record and competence, New York fans can rest assured that better things are in store for the Region over the next three years.
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