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Marshall Promises Major Upgrade For Idlewild Park

By Orin Davidson
Idlewild Park cricket field, home of major match-ups in Queens’s cricket, would soon become a facility developed specifically for the sport.

Cricket (top) and fans at Idlewild Park.

Borough President Helen Marshall made the welcome disclosure last weekend during a Guyana Republic Day function.

She said funding has been acquired for the development of the field through her administration and dates for commencement and completion of construction will be soon be announced.

“We have the money and it is the design stage, I will soon let you know about dates,” the leading Queens politician told the media at a briefing on Saturday at the Crowne Plaza La Guardia Hotel.

Marshall said she visited the new Guyana National Stadium at Providence during a recent nine-day tour of the Cooperative Republic and was favorably impressed.

“There is such a demand for it (cricket) here in New York, they (cricket fraternity) deserve a full fledged stadium,” Marshall explained.

The borough President did not elaborate on the dimensions of the facility whose components in accommodation size and other features would determine its classification as a full fledge stadium.

Nevertheless, any type of cricket facility with spectator and player accommodation would be a boon for New York cricket which has been lacking the main requirements in facilities to reach the next level of development.

Plans to develop similar type fields like Idlewild into better equipped cricket arenas, have been circulated in the past, but have all been stymied due to lack of funding.

But with Marshall making a public declaration, the New York fraternity has every reason to feel their hope for major development would soon become a reality.

Idlewild field hosted among other big games, the crucial Guyana versus Jamaica match-up in the Ahmad Caribbean Cup last summer.

It has a reasonably well kept outfield but without a turf pitch and spectator and team accommodation, Idlewild and others like Floyd Bennett Field have remained venues merely to accommodate New York games and without the means to develop players on non-matting pitches and encourage serious competition involving international teams.

However, with the intervention of Marshall, whose roots originate in Guyana through parents born there, New York cricket is finally getting the type of governmental support it thoroughly deserves.
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