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Dainty’s Odious Rule Returns With Fraser’s Ban

By Orin Davidson
August 29th, 2008
With Gladstone Dainty at the helm of United States cricket, fans, supporters and players have become tuned to expect more negative than positive, more dictatorial than democratic behavior and in general, more harm than good to the country’s cricket.

Gladstone Dainty

This past week he brought back the specter of those dark days of mismanagement when the United States endured the agony of two suspensions by the International Cricket Council, when USACA existed by its toe nails without any money and when the sport survived only through the efforts of leagues and non USACA organizations.

Now that he has returned to power through legitimate, but none-the-less, shocking elections results in March, Dainty is back to his old methods of autocratic “don’t give a darn” type rule.

He played true to form the last few weeks with the unconstitutional banning of New York coach Linden Fraser that has effectively ruled him out of leading the Region’s Under-19 team to a successful defense of the national title.

Without any board approval whatsoever or hearing, Dainty thought it best to victimize one of the country’s most dedicated and accomplished coaches, who has given his all to New York and United States cricket without ever asking for a single dime.

Following the national Under-15 competition, Dainty took it upon himself to e-mail Fraser, stating that the coach is banned immediately pending a non existent meeting of the USACA board for what the former feels was divulging USACA information to outsiders.

No accusation could be more ridiculous in the context of the situation, though.

The fact is Fraser is not the secretary, treasurer or any executive of the USACA Board, so what is it that could be so important he must be sanctioned for divulging to the outside world?

Dainty is behaving as though he and his USACA have top secrets, just as important as those within the Pentagon, the FBI or the CIA, for which Fraser revealed to Russia or Iran.

The reality is that he is running a cricket organization that has no money and cannot even qualify the national senior team from the lowest levels of world competition to the next level.
Rather, it is a national governing body which almost every follower of the sport feels is run like a `cake shop’ enterprise, all because of the President’s haphazard leadership.

When you consider among other things that a Pakistani umpire who does not even live in America, knows nothing about the players, was selected as the national Under-15 coach, and who was bent on having as many Pakistanis, merited or not, in the team on the demands of one notorious USACA director from the same country, and to which Dainty turned a blind eye, you get the picture.

All Fraser did was select that national Under-15 team along with the two other USACA appointed selectors, the coach included, and pass on the list of players to the Association’s operations manager, which in the process was also received by other USACA officials who happened to be on the same list of e-mail addresses.

That is what Dainty deemed leaking of information to outsiders.

And because he could attempt such an atrocity and get away with it, speaks volumes about the other people who administrate cricket around the country.

Dainty likes ‘Yes’ men and spineless servants around him, which he had before this year’s election and what he has now, notwithstanding a limited few.

High on top of that list is the majority of officials who comprise the New York Region Cricket Committee.

The Committee removed Fraser from the New York Under-19 team, for the national championship, at the last minute on instruction from Dainty, one day before the squad was due to fly to Florida this weekend.

It was after the coach had put in months of preparation with the squad and literally worked his butt off with the other members and supporters of the Tri State Development program, having a comprehensive training exercise operating without any help, financial or otherwise from New York Committee. The same program brought back the title to New York under Fraser’s coaching last year.

Now, despite being informed by USACA Board members that Dainty’s action was unconstitutional because of it not being sanctioned, the NY Committee allowed itself to be rolled over by the former, without any regard to the USACA constitution.

Article VIII 2 of USACA Constitution states that: “The Board, by a two-thirds (2/3) majority may suspend, or expel a member due to conduct deemed to be prejudicial, detrimental and / or contrary to the aims and objectives of the Association. The member shall be provided an opportunity to present its case to the Board prior to the decision to suspend or expel.”

Yet the NY Committee chairman Jeffroy Morrishaw boldly stated, that in his interpretation, Dainty has the right to suspend anyone from USACA activities.

Thus, he said the Committee has to abide by Dainty’s dictates.

This type of administering tells you that the NY Committee does not care for the development or upliftment of the country’s cricket, for which they were put into office. Because it should be very clear to them Dainty doesn’t.

Otherwise he would not try to damage cricket by eliminating the country’s most effective junior coach whose absence would turn off a great number of players from the game.

As far as Dainty is concerned, his personal agenda is all that matters at the expense of all development.

Now you know why United States cricket, despite its tremendous potential, continues to languish as a backwater cricket nation.
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