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Lloyd Was Not Fired
…….WICB President Hunte

By Orin Davidson
April 11th, 2008
Clive Lloyd has been in and out of the West Indies cricket team, first as advisor then manager in recent times, but his role remains vital to the development of West Indies cricket, Board President Julian Hunte says.

In an exclusive interview with this writer, Hunte explained Lloyd’s absence from the team currently opposing Sri Lanka must not be mis- represented.

“Clive Lloyd is a director and a very valuable asset to West Indies cricket, that is why when I took over as President I asked him to become a non elected director of the Board,” Hunte said, eliminating speculation that Lloyd was replaced due to performance.

The President also put to rest talk that the West Indies team’s most successful captain ever was fully in charge of the team that toured South Africa including the coaches.

A well publicized letter before the recent South Africa tour purporting to carry out a mandate by the Board was misconstrued, the President added.
“I wrote to Clive as the manager of the team asking him to convey to the players the best wishes of the Board. I have written to the manager as well for this (Sri Lanka) tour, he said adding that, “ The manager deals with the non cricketing aspects of it (team)”
The new President disclosed that Lloyd has a wider role to play in the Region’s cricket development.

“Clive Lloyd is an icon and we have lots of plans as far as Clive Lloyd is concerned as we put we together out strategic plan for the development of West Indies cricket.”

“As I speak to you I know our board depends on his contributions a lot, he has been retained by me to ensure he gives the Board the benefit of his experience,” the President stressed.

But he was hesitant to explain why 18 Board directors make all the cricket related and other decisions in West Indies cricket.

“The board sets policies, the administrative arm of the Board carries it out. The management carries out policies which the CEO and his team executes,” he stated.

Hunte also disclosed that Trinidad team manager Omar Khan who took over from Lloyd as WI manager, will be given a long run.

“What we have done with the appointment of Mr Khan is to settle the appointment of the manager of the team on a regular basis,” he said stating that the position will not have tour by tour holders any longer.

And Hunte stressed that new coach John Dyson does not have the heavy authority his predecessor Bennett King had, which included team selection veto powers..

“The coach deals with the technical aspects of the team,” Hunte pointed out without going any further..

“The manager looks after matters off the field and the coach deals with matters on the field. I am not going to compare of contrast what happened with Bennett King”.
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