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Tic Tavern Dismantles Flashers To Take 2B Title

By Sham Mohabir
Tic Taverns is basking in their victory over Flashers which crowned them NYSCA division 2B 20/20 series champions last Sunday.

It was been a bitter sweet victory for Tic Tavern, since they were the under dogs in the league. Many teams, if not all had written off Tic Tavern as the worst team around.
Flashers came prepared for the final since their embarrassing loss to Tic Tavern in their first round encounter, when Tic Tavern demolished them for a measly 52 runs all out. At the beginning of the first encounter, Flashers taunted and ridiculed Tic Tavern and labeled them no match, only to get the worst whopping of their lives.

Tic Tavern with one win hanging over the heads of Flashers was even more prepared mentally and physically since they wanted to prove that whipping Flashers the first time was no fluke. Everyone in Tic Tavern’s camp had something to prove so there was no way they was going to loose sight of their goal and objective, and that was to win the championship. The game begun with Flashers winning the toss and inviting Tic Tavern to bat.

The dynamic duo of the Deodat brothers took the crease for Tic Tavern. They were intent on dazzling the crowd and giving their team an impressive start. S.Deodat and R. Deodat has made lots of great opening partnerships for Tic Tavern in this 20/20 series. However, on the day they were expected to give their most important and impressive performances, they couldn’t deliver. We saw R. Deodat get clean bowled by a full toss from A. Vickram leaving him scoreless and at the same time alarming Tic Tavern’s supporters. Flashers had begun chanting as if they had already won the championship.

R. Motilall came in to bat and in the very next over was bowled by S. Singh after only scoring one run and yet again the Flashers chants went up. In the third over skipper S. Persaud came to the crease with Tic Tavern on 11 for 2. He knew his team was in serious trouble and needed to play a very supportive role as he did in the quarter final. Skipper Persaud begun very cautiously but in the fourth over Flashers struck again when S.Deodat tried to pull a huge six off Anil and was caught just a few inches from the boundary, after already hitting him for a six from the previous ball.

This spelled even more trouble for Tic Tavern with the score on 17 for 3, and it brought in the powerhouse Vinod to bat . Tic Tavern suffered another setback, when in the fith over they lost the wicket of skipper Persaud, caught attempting a pull shot from yet another full toss. And with the score on 19 for 4 the wicket delivered a thunderous blow to Tic Tavern’s hope of becoming champions. Flashers couldn’t control themselves, making it known to Tic Tavern that there was no chance in hell they were going to lose the championship.

The enchanting Wasim joined Vinod in trying to rejuvenate the spirit of the Tic Tavern crowd but it was to no avail when he saw his stumps sailing after adding only one run. It seemed all over for Tic Tavern with the score at an embarrassing 21 for 5 in the seventh over. Asif came to bat and together with Vinod they brought joy and life to Tic Tavern’s inning. Asif and Vinod batted calmly and defensively to see Tic Tavern to the break with the score on 49 for 5. After the break Asif and Vinod delighted the crowd with impressive and thunderous shots. Vinod exploded as was expected of him and together the pair took the score to 97 in the 15th over before Vinod was bowled with a ball he could have easily put out of the ground, for a well made 22 runs. Sha Mohabir came in and saw the need to play a vitalrole for his team and decided to make an impression.

After an exciting six from the 3rd ball at the crease he gave his skipper the impression he was going to repeat his feat when he made 79 runs against Buccaneers in the 30over series, but was unfortunately run out attempting the second run, right after hitting a towering six from the previous ball.

Gibby was next to bat and was instrumental in helping Asif continue scoring but he soon saw Asif caught for a well made 40 runs. D. Mohabir joined Gibby and together they added 27 runs for Tic Tavern before their allotted 20 overs was finished and the score on 141 for 8, leaving D.J. Mohair (Kevin) without facing a ball. It was Flashers’ turn to bat and Asif and Wasim opened the attack, determined to finish the game very quickly. Even tough Flashers made a good start, Asif struck in his second over by removing Flasher’s skipper Rocko. Flashers also found it hard to score in the first 10 overs, mainly due to Tic Tavern’s superb bowling and fielding, allowing only 52 runs for 5 wickets off 10 overs.

In the first half of Flashers’ inning we also saw very accurate and precise bowling from Vinod and R. Deodat. In the final 10 overs of the game Flashers begun to mount a come back and brought the score to 97 for 6 in the 16th over, giving Tic Tavern something to worry about. Nonetheless, Tic Tavern reserved Asif, Wasim, Vinod, and Gibby to finish with the final four overs.

The most exciting part of the game was the last over which was bowled by Asif and resulted in two very impressive run outs by R. Doedat behind the stumps and S.Deodat fielding byes. On both occasions the batsmen was attempting two runs and with S. Deodat returning the ball directly over the stumps, it gave R. Deodat a great chance at hitting the stumps before the batsman could make it home safely. In that over Asif also took a wicket by rooting out the stumps of one of Flashers’ batsman.

This left Flashers to get 16 runs in three deliveries which in Asif’s mind was an impossible task and as such no more runs were scored by Flashers in those last 3 deliveries resulting in Tic Tavern winning by 16 runs. Final score was Tic Tavern 141 for 8 in 20 overs and Flashers 125 for 9 in 20 overs.

Tic Tavern would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all their players which included Jewan, Shiyam, Brideglall, and Sham Mohabir(Radesh) for their continuous support and hard work.

The club also would like to say thanks to all the wives, children and girlfriends of all the players for their support and not forgetting any of the many other family members and sponsors. Tic Taven very much appreciates
the hard work and support, they got through out the year.

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