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Season Kicks Off May 7

April 14th, 2010
Welcome to another season of Cricket Under The Stars. Cricket under the stars was a huge success last year. With the all-star game and the historic inter county Demerara vs Berbice.

Doctors would like to thank all the team’s that participated in the season also all the supporters for coming out and support this lovely sport of cricket. Gentlemen this season doctor’s will have two divisions so that we can facilitate other teams to play cricket under the star’s. We will have a superstar and star division. Both divisions will consist of eight teams only.

First eight to call and register for each division will be accepted. Gentlemen spots are limited. The competition will be stating on May 7th 2010. Registration fee are due on April 14th, 2010. The venue for this season is Roy Wilkinson Park on Foch Blvd on Merrick Blvd.

New York softball cricket doctors will be presenting their 2nd annual Guyana inter-county games with all three counties participating this year. The games will be played on Saturday 17th July, 2010 under the stars.

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