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Sunrise Members Rewarded For Prolific 2009 Season

By Hargobin Singh
Nov. 28th, 2009
Sunrise Cricket Club held its 2009 presentation of awards and dance on last Saturday at the Queens Buffet Inc. on Atlantic Avenue.

Deryck Basdeo with his collection of trophies at the Sunrise 2009 Presentation. Below, other members collect their awards. Photos by Loretta Cheong.

The event which ended at 4 a.m. Sunday morning achieved its purpose as the members partied all night enjoying the enchanting music, the delicious food and the glittering trophies awarded to them for excellent performances during the 2009 cricket season. That bunch of guys with the support of those who were present at the various matches deserves the merriment offered to them on that special night.

The current manager, Morris Seecharan, welcomed the gathering and started the ball rolling for a successful and fun filled night. The M.C. for the night’s proceeding, Hargo Singh, Sunrise President, wasted no time in reminding the audience of the purpose for the celebration. A review of the team’s performances during the season and the highlights were identified reminding each and everyone as they were pumped up to party and celebrate. Mrs. Loretta Cheong in conjunction with her beautiful daughter, Ms. Samantha Cheong arranged a photo/video show of the team’s performances during the season. That display of members performances created a lively atmosphere for the events that followed.

The drawing of the team’s fund raising raffle was the first item on the agenda. The buzz of winning filled the air and the quiet that prevailed informed the organizers that the members in the audience wanted to win. The following numbers were winners1609, 1303, 1048, 1030, 1528, 1279, 435 and 1695. Most of the numbers drawn belonged to individuals in the audience so the prizes were presented immediately... It was a brilliant idea by the members to have the prizes at hand.

Next on the agenda was the presentation of trophies and plaques to both members and supporters. Each individual member received a trophy for his role in making the 2009 Softball season a success. That bunch of players was not successful in attaining the ultimate goal but their efforts should be lauded and appreciated. Supporters were identified and rewarded for their contributions.

Ramesh Gopaul, a member and a pivotal individual in the club who transported umpires to the games and provided much needed support to the team was awarded a trophy for his efforts. Selwyn Cheong, Sunrise Assistant Manager, was rewarded for his invaluable contributions. He ensured that refreshment for each game was readily available, either financed by him or provided from some other source. The most outstanding supporter plaque was presented to Mrs. Loretta Cheong.

This individual, the team’s photographer, took videos of games and pictures of individuals on and off the field. These pictures have been posted on the New York Cricket Website and News Paper has made an item of the club’s archive. Mrs. Cheong should be congratulated for her efforts. Her painstaking tasks were also on display at this presentation ceremony. This trend started by her proved to be a great incentive to the members of Sunrise. Her pictures became a must see by the members to view on Newyorkcricket.com Website. Members are looking forward to her expertise and cooperation for the next season. We are sure that she has something better in store for us.

For the 25 overs competition the Best Batsman award went to Deryck Basdeo with the highest aggregate of 164 and 23 run averages. General Ryan took the Highest Individual score with 60. The Best Bowler award was picked up by Javid Salim with 22, 3, 6 and a 3.1 average run per over. Best bowling average per wicket went to Deonarine Singh 8.8, and most wicket (9) award was earned by Stanley Lloyd. The 25 overs M.V.P award was earned by Deryck Basdeo with the leading batting stats, and taking 8 wickets.

For the 30 overs competition the Best Batsman was clearly earned by Leonardo Vasquez with the highest aggregate and average of 115 and 57 respectively. Seeram Persaud won the Highest Individual score award with 70, which was also for the 2009 season. The Best Bowler trophy went to Javid Salim with most wickets (8), and 8.9 runs per wicket. Javid (Chocolate) took the bowling honors with two of the competition was an integral bowler for the 2009 season. Leonardo Vasquez, Sunrise vice captain won the M.V.P award for the 30 overs with the best batting stats, and was 24,4,6, and 2.7 runs per over in the bowling department. Stanley Lloyd was recognized for his 5 wicket haul against Ranchers.

For the final 20Twenty competition there was no contest in the batting department as Deryck Basdeo lead in all categories Best Batsman, Highest aggregate (282), Average (47), and Individual score (60). For the bowling awards Harold Deokinanan stand alone as the Best Bowler with the best bowling average of 13,0,8 and 4.5 runs per over, and shared the most wicket (8) with Stanley Lloyd. The M.V.P award was capture by Deryck
Basdeo, whose stalwart batting propelled the Sunrise team to the playoff and the final.

Stanley Lloyd stand alone taking 28 wickets in the 2009 season was sensational. It is fitted to say that he earned bragging rights for this category as he held this award for consecutive years. Winning this tile again in 2010 will crown him the master of taking wickets for Sunrise. It must be mentioned as we all look forward witnessing Stanley taking wickets that his whipping dance charms all his supporters and is out of this world.

The night belonged to our current captain, Deryck Basdeo, nominated as the cricketer of the 2009 season. He took charge in the batting scoring 500 plus runs and excelled in the bowling taking 19 wickets. His captaincy in the 20Twenty series took us to the final which we were the runner up; but his efforts are commendable. This guy gives the impression that he lives in a cricket environment devoting his being to the game of cricket. With such fertile performances he is assured of being the captain for the next season. He also possesses the grit and determination to lead Sunrise to the coveted prizes next season.

Our members that night made their way through to the podium to receive their trophies with the same enthusiasm as when they are on the field. They had a wonderful time bowling, and batting that night. Even those who had no substantial batting or bowling averages during the regular season displayed potential of a bright future in softball cricket. Their future with the Sunrise posse is a shining one. Other bowlers who were awarded trophies look to the future with great expectation.

The music mix satisfied the crowd. Spirits were high and if this is an indication for the future, Sunrise will return with a slam dunk. Of notable mention on that night is the management of the Queens Buffet. Their cooperation fitted in with our program. The food was excellent. The various dimensions available at the time of the presentation were of extreme importance to the success of the proceedings. Congratulations and thanks to all whom helped to make the event a tremendous success.

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