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Eastern American Cricket Association MVP Shaheed Amin.

Moniran "Dado" Barran (top) and Sam Sooppersaud with their special awards.
EACA Celebrates Another Successful Season

By Sam Sooppersaud

Nov. 11th, 2009
The Eastern American Cricket Association celebrated the end of a successful 2009 cricket season with a gala presentation affair at the exclusive Naresa Palace on Rockaway Boulevard, Richmond Hill, last Saturday, November 7, 2009. The guests feasted on a sumptious dinner buffet of curried goat, jerk chicken, fried rice, chowmein, dholl puri, salads, all of which were washed down with  drinks from a well stocked bar.

It was an enjoyable evening where everyone had a great time. Apart from the various "cricket talks" that were a constant at all the tables, Libertycricket.com and its webmaster Vicky presented an in dept slide show of the season's plays and events. The slides encompassed not only cricket but the various activities at the cricket parks. This was one of the highlights of the evening and captivated the attention of those in attendance.
The Masters of Ceremony for the evening were no other than that dynamic duo of commentators, Lenny Achaibar and Carl Bennett. Carl was his regular formal self, but Lenny was in the mood for some standup comic. He kept the revelers laughing with his cricket jokes. This guy, Lenny told us, he wanted to know how his wife was doing in the hospital. She was in labor. He nervously dialed the number. Instead of the hospital he dialed the Providence Cricket Stadium in Guyana. "Hello" was the answer at the other end. Our friend asked," how are they doing." The answer came back," they got two out and they are trying to get the rest out." What! Is the wife having multiple births, triplets, quadruplets… If Lenny was on a roll, then the audience was rolling with laughter. Yes, we had a wonderful time.
Shiv Ragubar, Telston Johnson and Tamesh Balwant of Richmond Hill Cricket Club. Photos by Shiek Mohamed.

Once dinner was had the evening progressed to the business part of the program. Numerous players were recognized for their outstanding performances during the season. Awards were given in various categories: 5 wicket haul, most wicket taken, best bowling average, most improve player, centurion club, MVP, others too numerous to mention. Notable for their performance were the East Side Warriors Cricket Club.

They figuratively stole an award in each category. Looking at their table you would think that they were displaying trophies for sale. The Everest/ACS boys hauled in their share of awards, also.
In addition to players' awards, the EACA saw it fit to recognize the contributions made by three individuals to cricket in the New York area. They were Moniram "Dado" Barran, Roy Sweeney, and myself.  In addition Ravi Etwaroo of Cricket Zone, a sporting goods establishment in the Bronx was extended kudos for his efforts in helping out the youngsters who play the game. Krish Prasad expressed his gratitude to these gentlemen, on behalf of the cricket fraternity, for their service and dedication to the game. Rudy Persaud was thankful for the opportunity to serve as the president of the EACA and thanked all those who helped to make his job so much easier.
Once the awards ceremony was over with, the party bums took to the floor and danced the night away.

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