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USACA Annouces 1st Under-19 All-America Team

May 29th, 2009

Miami, FL - The United States of America Cricket Association today released the names of the Under-19 cricketers now listed as the association’s First All-America Team. The names of the young cricketers so honored were based on the recommendations of the national selection panel observing the recent USACA Under-19 tournament in New York City.

New Yorker Gregory Sewdial was name USACA Under-19 vice captain.

Named to the USA’s 1st All-America Team are Shiva Vashishat (Captain), Gregory Sewdial (Vice Captain), Salman Ahmed, Regis Burton, Ryan Corns, Muhammad Asad Ghous, Naseer Jamali, Abhijit Joshi, Azurdeen Mohammed, Saqib Saleem, Saami Siddiqui, Steven Taylor, Henery Wardley and Talha Zamir.

Reserves named for the 1st All America Team are Andrew Ajodhi, Kavishwar Bridgepaul, Lekiram Latchman, Hammad Shahid, Yash Shah, Vinay Suri and Karthik Vittala.

The USA All-America XI is expected to represent the United States at the ICC-Americas Regional Under-19 Youth Cricket World Cup Qualifier to be held in Toronto, Canada from July 5 to 12, 2009.

A second All-America Team has been named and includes some of the players already listed in the reserve pool of the 1st All-America Team. Included are Andrew Ajodhi, Moin Babar, Kavishwar Bridgepaul, Casper Davis, Jr., Keon Lake, Lekiram Latchman, Cameron Mirza, Shuja Naqut, Yash Shah, Hammad Shahid, Saminda Sirwardena, Vinay Suri, Karthik Vittala and Gaston Walker.

According to USACA's CEO Don Lockerbie, the honor of being recognized as an All-America youth cricketer is being reserved for those players who demonstrate the commitment, skills and tempermant indicative of being selected to represent the United States of America at the national level.

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