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New York Region Wins Eastern Conference Tournament

Victorious New York Region team. (Below) Director's XI.
July 21st, 2009
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After three days of keen competition and intriguing cricket in Washington, DC the defending champions New York Region emerged victorious.

Lead by Captain Steve Massiah the New Yorkers clinically demolished arch rivals Atlantic Region on Sunday at Chillum Park to take the trophy.

After a lack luster performance on Friday against South East when New York’s batting folded for 119 all out in 31 over and on Saturday morning when their bowling was taken to task by the Directors Eleven (243 all out in 50 overs - Andy Muhammed 112); the champions responded with five hours of text book cricket that left the Atlantic Region, South East Region and Director Eleven awe struck and defeated.

Buoyed by a courageous 123 not out by in form Glen Hall and 88 not out by skipper Steve Massiah New York reached 244 for one wicket in 39.2 overs easily rolling over the Directors’ Eleven.

Needing to beat convincingly Atlantic Region to on Sunday to qualify for the 2009 finals to be held later this summer in Huston, Texas New York Region responded with another emphatic win. First dismissing Atlantic region for 82 in 32 overs (Kevin Darlington 7-1-15-3) then responding with 84 in 9.3 overs, Evans finished not out on 22 and Massiah unbeaten on 38; by 1:30 pm on Sunday the game was over.

(Top to bottom) Kevin Darlington, Azrudeen Mohammed and Steve Massiah collects their awards.
Meanwhile at William Wirt High School the Directors’ Eleven held South East Region to a keen battle. The youths score 199 all out in 48 overs and held South East Region to 197 for 8 after 48 overs when the umpires called the game for South East.

New York, Atlantic and South East each ended the tournament on 4 points. New York was adjudged the winner on run rate while South East came in second place.

Directors XI vs New York Region

Directors 11 243 all out 50 overs
A. Mohammed 112
H. Khan 42
G. Sewdial 36

New York Region-244 for 1 wicket

J. Crowe 18
G. Hall 123 not out
S. Messiah 88 not out

Atlantic vs. Directors XI
Atlantic won by 3 wickets
Directors XI Innings of 174 all out in 46.2 overs:
B. Ajodhi 20, G. Sewdial 24, R. Burton 23, K. Bridgepaul 20, R. James 29 not out

Atlantic Bowling: I. Awan 9-2-42-1, A Gordon 8-1-25-1, D Forest 10-1-36-2, R Amin 5-0-30-1, S Mehta 8-0-31-2, K Patel 6.2-3-6-2

Atlantic Innings of 178 off 37 overs: R. Gowkaran 22, A. Mishra 49
, C. Singh 34, D. Forest 15

Directors XI Bowling: K. Bridgepaul 4-0-33-1, A. Ajodhi 1-0-9-0, A. Bhatti 2-0-15-0, R. James 3-0-17-1, J. Rasheed 10-1-17-1, R. Burton 2-0-13-0, A. Mohammed 6-0-39-1, A. Sehgal 9-0-30-3
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This is not about money or friendship. We need to work together inorder to forward US cricket. Is it going to happen anytime soon?
By Lefthander, July 23rd, 2009

Lefthander is 100% true. If you know someone at the highest level in USA cricket, you can get into any team easily. Also you have money you get in. Half of th guys in the eastern conference teams are not so called "good players." some kids have pure talent while most of them get into the team on pure recomendation. If thats the case USA cricket will go nowhere, it will just stay at big apple. Come outside of NY and look for talent in the surrounding regions also. This is written by a true cricket fan.
By Cricketlover, July 22nd, 2009

Totally agree with Lefthander!
By Nohander, July 22nd, 2009

Why are you hating on the Director's Team??
By Righthander, July 21, 2009

You guys called that cricket. The so-called Directors eleven was made up of friends and family. The NY team was all about friends and who put money in someone's pocket. They picked guys who don't even play any cricket in NY or USA. Stop giving these idiots props on the site.
By Lefthander, July 21, 2009

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