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The two Bermudian batsmen that revived their innings. (Photos by Shiek Mohamed)
ICC Under-15 Tournament
Rain Washed Out Play In Crucial Game

By Sam Sooppersaud
August 21, 2009

Heavy rainfall on Friday, August 21, 2009, caused an interruption, and eventually, the abandonment of the fifth game of the ICC Under-15 Tournament, played between Canada and Bermuda at Erskine Cricket Ground at Gateway Plaza Mall, Brooklyn, New York. This was a crucial match for both teams. Bermuda was in a "do or die" situation. Had there been a result either team would have tied with USA with two wins apiece.

With heavy rain in the forecast for today and a likelihood of another washout, it would mean that, at the conclusion of the tournament, two teams would be tied with two wins each. Speaking with some of the tournament of ficials, I was told that, should it come down to this scenario, then the championship will be determined on the net run rate. Since there was no-result in the Canada vs. Bermuda match, Bermuda is technically "on their way home," out of contention for the winner's trophy, having won only one game in their previous three matches.

A recap the results in the games played so far in this series.
Monday 8/17 - Bermuda lost to USA in the first game of the tournament.
Tuesday 8/18 - Bermuda steamrolled over Canada
Wednesday 8/19 - Canada defeated USA
Thursday 8/20 - USA took the honors from Bermuda
Friday 8/21 - Bermuda met Canada, rain washed out play, no result.
Overall standings:
USA - 2 wins 1 loss with one game to play.
Bermuda - 1 win 2 losses. All 4 games played.
Canada - 1 win 1 1oss with 1 game to play.

The USA and Canada are scheduled to slug it out today, Saturday, August 22, beginning at 10:00. AM at the same venue. Conjecture as to the result of the tournament. A Canada win would mean that they and the USA would have two wins apiece. The net run rate will indicate who wins the tournament. Should the USA win this game then they would have convincingly won the championship with three victories.

There have been whisperings coming from the USA camp that they will be going all out to avenge themselves of the loss to Canada in their first encounter. The Canadian camp feels that they must win this game as they have a higher net run rate than the USA. I will not enumerate the scores and the present run rate for the two teams, as I would like to keep the suspense ongoing.

Canadian bowlers in action. (Photos by Shiek Mohamed)

Now that Bermuda is out of the running, let me express my best wishes to the management and players of the Bermuda team. The Bermuda players have entertained all of us with their bowling, batting, fielding, and their demonstration of a high degree of sportsmanship. To the players, you are a fine group of young men and have exhibited great potential on the cricket field. You have made your country proud. Continue to work har d at your game, as greater things are in store for you.

Let me venture to make a loose and informal comparison of the Canadian and USA teams. In the bowling department, I feel that Canada has more depth. In the fielding department, I find the Canadians surpass the USA by far in the ground fielding and the catching. The fielding and catching of the USA side have been cause for their downfall in the one match they lost. Our wicketkeeper does a more efficient job than his Canadian counterpart. Both sides are about equal in strength in the batting department. The Canadians appear to be playing better as a cohesive unit as shown by their constant vocal encouragement of each other and their "togetherness" on the field. They are more enthusiastic. These important attributes are somewhat lacking with the USA boys.

Stylish Canadian opening batsman and captain Nitish Kumar. (Photo by Shiek Mohamed)

With regard to captaincy, the Canadian skipper appears to be "in the know" at all times. His field placements have been very effective. The USA skipper's field -placement is questionable. Canada has a slight overall edge, but cricket, as we all know, is a game of glorious uncertainty. You never know!

In Friday’s Bermuda vs. Canada match, Bermuda took first knock and immediately got in trouble losing a wicket with the score on six runs. They lost wickets frequently and by the time they brought up their first 50, they had lost 5 wickets. At 77 runs for 7 wickets Bermuda seemed to be heading for a score of less that 100 runs. But the latter batsmen consolidated the inning and at the end of their 40 overs Bermuda was 155 for 9 wickets. Shea Pitcher 24, Kamel Easton 27, and Kwesi James 25 were the chief rescuers.

For Canada the bowling hero was Stephen Rajasingham with a spell of 3 overs and capturing 3 wickets for 12 runs. Nitish Kumar 2 for 26 in 8 overs, and Trevor Manoosingh and Nikhil Dutta one wicket each for 15 and 2 runs, respectively.

The Canadians opened their batting with regular Nitish Kumar and all-rounder Stephen Rajasingham. With the score on 39 Rajasingham was caught at the wicket for 6 off the bowling of Kaman Leverock (1 for 14). Talha Shaikh joined Kumar and together they batted until the rain came and curtailed play for the day and with the score on 62 for the20loss of one wicket.

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