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Vashishat Dreams Of World Cup Appearance

Shiva Vashishat, captain of the US U/19 team, has said his only dream is to take his country to the ICC U/19 Cricket World Cup.

He spoke to the ICC website as his side prepared for the ICC U/19 Cricket World Cup Qualifier which begins on 1 September.

How has the team prepared for the event?
Each individual trains and practices in his own league with his own regional coach. When we come together as a team, we are expected to show professionalism and meet the fitness requirements provided by the team coaching staff. Once we get together, we train further, build team chemistry and mentally prepare ourselves for the tournament.

Shiva Vashishat and USACA CEO Don Lockerbie with the National Under-19 Championship Trophy.

What have been your best games so far?
Our best games have been against Bermuda and Canada in the Americas U/19 Championships. They were our toughest competitors so far, and we managed to beat Bermuda comfortably by 61 runs. Even though we lost to Canada by 62 runs, it was one of our most important games because we learnt a lot from that match and came out stronger than before. In the future, we will be better prepared when we face tough opponents like them.

How popular is cricket with youth in your country?
Cricket is growing faster than ever in the USA. In the east, cricket has started in high schools and on the west, the volunteers are working very hard to promote youth cricket. There are so many youth camps all over the San Francisco Bay Area, and I am also part of the coaching staff.

Do you dream of playing in the U/19 World Cup?
My only dream now is to take my country to the ICC U/19 Cricket World Cup in New Zealand.

Which teams will provide you with the toughest competition at the event?
I believe every team in the ICC U/19 Cricket World Cup Qualifier will provide tough competition as the teams have all finished in the top two of its regional divisions to get here.

How important is it for the USA to be playing in global cricket events?
I believe that participating in global events is probably the most important factor in taking USA cricket forward. Global events allow the sport to be more popular within our country and it also motivates youngsters to participate.

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