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USA U-19 skipper Shiv Vashishat will burden the leadership role in the ICC Under-19 World Cup tournament to be held in New Zealand in January of 2010. (Photos by Shiek Mohamed)
USA U-19 Captain Shiva Vashishat Open Up

By Ganesh Sanap
Dec. 25th, 2009
What does it feel to be chosen as USA U19 captain for the ICC U19 CWC 2010?
It is the greatest achievement of my life, and I am very proud to lead USA U19 in the ICC U19 CWC 2010.

How did your team prepare for the ICC U19 CWC 2010?
We have had multiple training camps, and been coached by professional coaches from New Zealand.

What conditions do you expect in New Zealand?
I expect dry heat, great cricketing atmosphere, and true wickets which offer something to the bowlers and the batsmen.

Who do you think are the toughest teams in the event and who will be the hardest to beat in your group?
No team is going to be easy to beat in the World Cup, but obviously the top ten cricketing nations in the world would be the tougher teams to beat.

Have you ever played cricket outside of USA? If so, where and what experience you have gained from the tour?
Yes I have played two tournaments in Canada, and the experience was great as I got to witness the talents and skills of other players from other countries.

Who are your key players to watch in the side?
The key players would be our top order batsmen, and all our spinners which have been our strength.

Do you get a chance to speak to any of the senior players who have previously played in the ICC U19 CWC?
Yes I speak to them regularly, and they have given me some great advice, and told me the key to success would be our preparation mentally and physically.

Finally, who is your cricketing hero and why?
Rahul Dravid is my cricketing hero because I admire his style of batting, willingness to fight in any type of situation, and never giving up on the batting crease.

Courtesy of http://www.ncalcricket.org

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