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USACUA Umpire Mohammed N. Baksh To Be Inducted Into Cricket Hall Of Fame

Internationally known West Indies and United States of America Cricket Umpires Association (USACUA) umpire Mohammed Nabbie Baksh will be inducted into the Cricket Hall of Fame in Hartford, Connecticut, this Saturday, September 20, 2008. A native of Guyana, Mr. Baksh has been in charge of training and examination for USACUA umpires since the inception of the organization in 1992.

Umpire Mohammed Nabbie Baksh

Umpire Baksh was born in February 1943 and received his tertiary education in Guyana and served as a teacher and education administrator with the Guyana Ministry of Education. Quite an avid cricketer, Umpire Baksh started his career as a league umpire doing duties in first-division Case Cup matches in his native Guyana. He was selected to serve as an elite umpire in the Red Stripe Cup competition.

He continues to be more that an on-field jurist, sharing his knowledge with a host of young people who are desirous of becoming umpires. Umpire Baksh migrated to the United States and immediately became involve in the training and development of local umpires. Mr. Baksh has shared his knowledge with thousand of umpires in many states within the USA. A very vocal and strong-willed individual, umpire Baksh has never refused to challenge the prudence of the Laws of Cricket and have advocated for many fundamental changes to the laws.

In a conversation with umpire Baksh you will always observe that his greatest joy was being a High School Principal in his native country of Guyana. Therefore, it was inevitable that many of us that have benefited directly from his style of teaching as the Chief Training Officer for the USACUA. His students have continuously outperformed the other territories at the WICUA examinations. A professional umpire, Mohammed N. Baksh is also a senior administrator with the Catholic Charities of New York, a job he has held for quite a number of years.

Umpire Baksh follows closely in the footsteps of his colleague umpire Hammy Reid, who was inducted last year into the Cricket hall of Fame.

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