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Ed Ahmad Cup Final
Consistency In Ineptness

By Sam Sooppersaud
Sept. 11th, 2008
If there is one word that comes to mind to describe the performances of some of our cricket administrators around, that word would be "consistency." But, sadly enough for cricket fans, it is consistency in ineptness. The ability of these gentlemen to "screw” things up.

These “do gooders" get themselves elected to high positions, just to glow in the limelight. They get their friends to work along with them to push through their own agendas. The real business of running cricket matters takes a back seat to their self-centeredness. They act sometimes irrationally and make insensitive and stupid decisions. At times they fail to make any decisions at all. They fail to realize that with authority comes responsibility.

Present case in point, the handling of the 2008 Ed Ahmad Cup final. The game was, according to plan, scheduled for Saturday, September 7, at Idlewild Park, Rosedale, New York. However, for days prior to this scheduled date, all the media, radio, television, the printed media, and even word of mouth had it that that Saturday will be a stormy and rainy day. It was predicted that rain would come that afternoon. The east coast of USA was feeling the effects of Hurricane Hanna which was dumping heavy rainfall throughout the eastern coast, including the metropolitan area. Organized baseball games were cancelled, so too was the US Open tennis at Forest Hills, but our geniuses insisted that the Final must be played. We all know what the result was, I need not remind you here!

In these days of high prices, everyone is looking to get value for money spent, so too are us, cricket fans. Spectators surely did not get their dollars worth in this instance. Some of them drove long distances to get to the park, paid tolls, and with the preparation of food, and purchasing of liquid refreshments, they did spend a tidy sum of money. All this for what! They had followed the Ed Ahmad Cup competition keenly throughout the season and was hoping to watch an exciting final between the two top teams. But, what did they get from the Ed Ahmad Cup committee, a final scheduled on a day when there was 100% certainty that it would be washed out on account of rain. This is not fair to these hundreds and maybe thousands of cricket fans. Gentlemen, we have to do better!

We are at the juncture of our cricket when spectatorship has increased immensely. Sponsorship has been forthcoming; even private individuals are stepping forward to present awards of cricket gear to players for exceptional performances, we have more skillful players. We have everything going for us; everything we need to take the game to the next level. But our cricket administrators keep stagnating the game.

It is time that we elect people to office who are willing and ready to assume their positions and to do the work which these positions entail. I am quite sure there are many around who fit the criteria. One such person is this writer. I may as well do some politicking, by giving a brief cricket resume of myself. I played cricket in Guyana at the Case Cup, Northcote Cup, Davson Cup, and County levels. I was a cricket correspondent for the now defunct Berbice Times in the 60s. In New York I was involved with "arranging" cricket matches with the late Dennis Lowe, Leslie Lowe's father, in the late 60s. From 1978 to 1981 I was the Secretary of the then very powerful Brooklyn Cricket League, and then that league's President in 1982. Bhola Ramsundar was one of the league's officials during those years. Along the way I was involved in forming Guyana Cricket Club and Invaders Cricket Club, with the well known Baldath Ramdeen and Dennis Ramlogan - both clubs participated in the BCL. In 1997 I was the Secretary of the Eastern American Cricket Association. Krish Prasad was the President. I am not "ringing my own bell" here, sort of. I am just making the point that there are people around with ability to get things down. We only have to get them involved.

Back to the Ed Ahmad Cup final. So, gentlemen what is our next move? Do we allow Guyana to hold on to the trophy being that they are the 2007 champions? No, I think not, as we must get a 2008 champion. Do we make Guyana and Jamaica joint champions? Well, according to the Oxford & Cambridge dictionary; a champion," wins first place, or is judged to be the best in a contest or sport...." If two contestants are in a competition both cannot be adjudged the best; the best would have to be one of those two teams. So the only sensible alternative available to us is to have the final played over from the start. This time gentlemen, be careful to schedule the game when there is no likelihood of inclement weather.

I would like to make it very clear that this is not a "poisoned pen" article. It is not my intention to point a finger at, or to demean any individual or group of individuals. As a writer it is my duty to tell things the way I see them, also to bring to the public's eye my readers' concerns.
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