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Mayor's Cup Celebrates First Anniversary With Five Million Hits

By Shiek Mohamed

Oct. 1st, 2008 recently celebrated its first anniversary on the world wide web, with some staggering accomplishments and the statistics to back it up.

Cricket in the USA is definitely on the rise but more importantly, the need to publicize it is desperately needed. With now one year old, there was a significant increase in all areas on the site, as it was browsed by visitors from over 100 countries.

In September of 2007 it had a mere 4,909 visitors in comparison to the same month in 2008 with 13,153 visitors, almost tripling the number of visitors to the site. July 2008 recorded the most visitors to the site with an audience of 14,909.

To-date a staggering 83,400 unique regular visitors and a total of 116,093 total visitors have surfed while a total of 1,700 visitors have viewed 25 pages or more, and 6,833 have visited two to five pages, during each visit.

It is not surprising the amount of time someone would spend online, viewing something they love, especially if it is presented in a user-friendly and easy to navigate environment. has seen over 10,000 viewers spend at least one minute each on the site, with 1,417 visitors spending between 11 to 25 minutes per visit, and another 439 visitors spending over 25 minutes per visit.

In September of 2007 some 33,259 pages of were viewed in comparison to September 2008 which saw 146,767 pages being viewed. The months of June, July and August, 2008 saw significant increases in the amount of pages viewed. In June there were 106,905, July 100,930 and August 97,220 pages were accessed.
Some of the most popular pages visited was the Homepage, and without any doubt the Gallery pages. The Homepage was requested 57,376 times; the other significant pages requested were the News, Wallpapers, New York Softball Cricket and the Ahmad Cup pages.

The most gratifying statistics of any website has to be the amount of hits it receives. Since it is the primary source of data for encouraging clients to advertise on the site. In September of 2007, the site had 170,458 hits, 213,332 hits were recorded for October of 2007. which were the most significant of the other months. But in May of 2008 the hits increased by almost 200%, with 409,213 hits recorded. It was the month of May that started the trend with the other months passing over 500,000 hits each month. September of this year nearly 700,000 hits were recorded. A total of 5,000,000 hits was registered.

With the overwhelming response to the site, it is only fair that it moves to the next level, which is to provide live scores and action-photo updates as the live matches are in progress around us. It wouldn't be an easy task, because it takes significant equipment and staff to make it happen. So we are appealing to all of the local businesses to help by advertising on the site. As you can see there has been a tremendous response to the site along with the few advertisers that it now carries.

It is the promise of to help broaden the vision of New York cricket, and as such a huge Thank You is extended to all those who have made the site such a resounding success in its first year of operation.

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