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By Sam Sooppersaud

Nov. 26th, 2008
The Nassau-New York Cricket Association celebrated yet another successful season of cricket during the summer of 2008. This was due to several factors; the past reputation of the league of staging very vibrant and competitive cricket programs. This has resulted in an influx of numerous players with the reputation of excelling in the cricket field. Also contributing to the success of this league is the efficient body overseeing the day to day administration of the league, led by its founder Mr. Paul DaSilva, and ably supported by co-founder Mr. Gerald Singh, Treasurer Mr. Ram Singh, and a slate of experienced cricket administrators.

Sudesh Dhaniram had the most runs (696) in the Nassau Cricket Association.

Qayaam Farrouq had the second most runs (543) in the Nassau Cricket Association.

The league culminated its 2008 cricket activities with a lavish 12th Anniversary Dinner & Award Ceremony on Saturday, November 22, 2008, in Ozone Park, Queens, New York. In excess of 250 persons were in attendance: players, their spouses, friends and supporters, sponsors, also the Commissioner of the Public School Athletic League (PSAL), Mr... Basset Thompson accompanied by the Assistant Commissioner, Ms. Lorna Austin. The Regional Director for the United States of America cricket Association (USACA), Mr. Prasad accompanied by his charming wife Dolly was seen mixing with the crowd and engaging in “cricket talk”. It was a festive time when all in the banquet hall enjoyed the delicious cuisines and the readily available cold invigorating beverages which sort of loosen the tongues, making for long and sustained conversations. The topics of these conversations were, of course, cricket.

Apart from the awards to the players, numerous other persons were recognized for their contributions towards the success of the league. Plaques were presented to Mr. Thompson and Ms. Austin for their work in the PSAL, to umpires Carl Whatley and Pooran Panchan, and to several players’ wives for the support t they gave to their husbands in hosting several leagues’ activities. Ms. Maggie Jolly was recognized for her work as the ‘resident’ scorer and statistician. She likewise received a plaque attesting to her dedication to the cause of developing and improving cricket in the New York Metropolitan area.

Mr. Gerald Singh served as the Master of Ceremonies. His very first remarks were directed to the “cricket’ wives who “had to put up with their husbands week after week” during the summer. Especially he thanked those spouses who got up early on Sunday mornings to prepare the delicious foods and goodies which added to the festive mood of the cricket matches. He acknowledged various VIP’s who were in the hall and recognized many past and present players who have propelled the Nassau to being one of the top leagues in the area. To the umpires, he admitted that he would not like to be in their shoes. It is an unthankful job where someone or the other is always displeased with your decision.

The president of the league in his short remarks reminded everyone that though our league is just ten years old, it has become the best around, one which continues to attract the best players around. The readiness of sponsors to pour their monies in the league attests to its claim of being a strong and viable cricket organization. He specifically thanked the players for playing cricket of a very high standard and the sportsmanship that is at all times evident on and off the field of play. He encouraged all to continue their support of the league, and promised that the 2009 cricket will be yet as exciting as the 2008 season.

This writer was called upon to address the gathering. His main focus was on the topic of umpiring/player relationship in the league. He pointed out that though a very large majority of the players accept umpires’ decisions without dissent, there are still a few who vociferously show dissent to their ruling, and sometimes with remarks and words that are very insulting to the umpires. He exhorted all players and team officials to give the umpires their due respect as the judges and “conscience’ of the game. An umpire is there to enforce the rules of the game and to extract from the players a high degree of sportsmanship and fairplay. After all, isn't that what “Cricket'’ is about! When the game of cricket started in England in the 18th century it was played among the Lords and the aristocrats of that time. Cricket was one of the ways in which these gentlemen modeled their “gentlemanliness’. We as cricket players should emulate them. Let us be guided by “the spirit of the game” in our play.

Super Four Division A winners Pure Players. (Photos by Shiek Mohamed)

The youths in the Nassau league were the first to be called upon to receive their awards. Mr. R. “Teach” Madho who worked long and tireless hours with the kids expressed great satisfaction with the kind of dedication and the improvements exhibited by them. “Teach” said that the numerous times he had to drive around to various localities to pick up and drop off the youths were worth his efforts because many of the youths went on to represent USACA in the Under 15 and Under 19 tournaments. They also took part, and performed well, in the inaugural PSAL High School competition.

The following awards were presented.

NY Regional Under-15 Americas Under-15 Development Team
Inzamal Khan, Trevor Singh Trevor Singh

Denis Rampersad was among the Centurion club and gathered a total of 406 runs for the season.

NY Regional Under 19 Most Promising Youth
K. Bridgepaul, Alvin Kalimootoo, Claymont Rose
Andy Harricharran

Special Awards
PSAL Commissioner Basset Thompson
Umpires Carl Whatley and Pooran Panchan
Asst. Comm. Lorna Austin

Centurion Club
Division A

Sudesh Dhaniram, Vernon Dumas, Sunil Singh, Denis Rampersad, Vickram Raichandra, S. Rajpaul, Steve Massiah
Division B
L. Shoi, Jerry Jumadeen, R. Samuel, Rudy Narine

Most Runs (40 Overs)
Division A

Sudesh Dhaniram (696) Quayaam Farrouq (543) Denis Rampersad ((406)
Division B
Jerry Jumadeen (459) L. Shoi (322) R. Madho (319)

Highest Average (40 Overs)
Division A

Sudesh Dhaniram (106.00) Ryan Ramdass (81.00) Tameshwar Sewak (65.60)
Division B
S. Rampersad (60.08) L. Shoi (53.66) Rudy Narine (52.66)

Highest Individual Score
Division A Sudesh Dhaniram (142) Division B L. Shoi (138)

5 Wicket Club
Division A

Angel Acharya (6-37) Tariq Aziz (5-13) Avalon Cuffy (5-15) R. Nandkumay (5-39) M. Shafi (5-25) R. Khan (5-31)
Division B
M. Shahadi (5-23) M. Jagnarine (5-25) B. Guyadeen (5-38) Imran (5-30) Danny Ragnauth (5-44)

Most Wickets (40 Overs)
Division A J. Lall (25) Avalon Cuffy (23) Nyeem Baksh (21)
Division B Rudy Narine (30) B. Guyadeen (21) Pino Sagar (19)

Best Bowling Average (40 Overs)
Division A M. Shafi (6.70) Curtis Baptiste (8.36) Denis Rampersad (9.25)
Division B Rudy Narine (7.99) Pino Sagar (10.42) T. Khiliwan (12-48)

Best Bowling performance
Division A Angel Acharya (6-37) Division B Mohamed Shahadi (5-230

Hat Trick Club Mohamed Shahadi, Mickey Ramdeo

Twenty/20 Most Runs Most Wickets
Group 1 Imran Ally (134) M. Ramdeo (6)
Group ll Vishal Nagamootoo (82) Komal Singh (6)
Group lll Jerry Jumadeen (109) Jerry Jumadeen (7)

Team Awards Winner Runner Up
Regular Season – Division A Challengers. Albion
Division B Rising Star West Demerara
Super Four – Division A Pure Players Albion
Division B Brooklyn Queens Rising Star
Twenty/20 – Group 1 Pure Players Challengers
Group lll United Sports & Vikings (Joint Winners)
Group lll Brooklyn Queens West Demerara

Most Valuable Player
Division A Sudesh Dhaniram | Division B Jerry Jumadeen

At the close of the awards sector of the program Treasurer Ram Singh expressed his deep appreciation to all for coming out on such a cold night (18 degrees) and lending their support to the league’s Presentation Dinner & Awards Ceremony. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to the players and club officials for their participation, and to the sponsors for their financial support. After all was said and done, the guests danced until the wee hours of the morning.

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