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Guyana Cricket – New York Celebrates “Three Peat”

By Sam Sooppersaud

Nov. 22nd, 2008
The New York based Guyana Cricket, Inc organization held its 2008 Presentation Awards November 13, at the Maracas Night Club on Jamaica Avenue, Richmond Hill, Queens, New York. The gala affair was well attended by numerous locally elected officials, sponsors, friends and supporters, and most of the players from the 2008 Team Guyana. Local television personality Bindi Kohli was also in attendance. Everyone had a great time as they celebrated Team Guyana's 2008 Championship victory in the Ed Ahmad Caribbean Cup Twenty/20 Competition.

Sudesh Dhaniram

Karran Ganesh

Khaleem Bux

Kevin Darlington

Zaheer Saffie

Team Guyana accomplished what is commonly called a “three-peat” in competitive sports; that is winning a championship three years in a row. In the case of Guyana Cricket Inc Team Guyana, it was 2006, 2007 and 2008. The success of Team Guyana was due not only to the players but to the executive board and the coaching staff who worked tirelessly, using any and all resources available, monies and personnel, to their fullest potential, in molding the winning team. Among the various sponsors who provided the much-needed funding for the organization were Bhola Ramsundar, Ralph Tamesh, Insaf "Birdman' Ali, Ed Ahmad, Jack Bharat, among the organization’s many benefactors.

The most admirable quality common among all the sponsors was that in as much as they contributed their dollars to the organization, they sought no control of the organization, leaving the day-to-day management to those elected to perform those functions. This to a large extent accounted for Team Guyana’s success since the inception of the Ed Ahmad Cup three years ago.

There are many cricket organizations that failed or did not attain the success they envisioned, because those who contributed the finances also ran the organizations, despite the fact that they were not knowledgeable, nor skilled enough to do so. The Guyana Cricket, Inc organization took on the task of managing the process, and brought home success.

Due to the efficiency and cohesiveness with which the Guyana Cricket Inc, handled its affairs, the best players, once invited to participate were only too willing and ready to represent Guyana away from Guyana. In the past there were factions and frictions in handling the Guyana side and as a result not many of the 'good" players were willing to lend their services. Ad Hoc committees were hurriedly assembled to get up a Guyana side when competition time came along. Favoritism and nepotism were rampant. But now with the formation of the Guyana Cricket, Inc, more stability is present and players now consider it an honor to be called upon to represent their motherland in New York.

Several elected officials joined the officers and friends of Guyana Cricket, Inc, at awards reception, among them were City Councilman Leroy Comrie and several officials from Community Board District 9. Guests had the opportunity to meet and chat with these officials and discuss various issues facing the community. Old friends met and new friendships were made. It was encouraging to hear these officials promise to work towards acquiring and developing more cricket facilities.

Chairman of Guyana Cricket, Inc. Jack Bharat, in his address thanked all those persons and organizations that contributed to Team Guyana's success in the Ed Ahmad Cup tournament. He was lavish in his praise and gratitude to the many sponsors and numerous friends and supporters who toiled long hours without any form of remuneration, to build a strong cricket organization and with it a championship cricket team.

Mr. Bharat invited the sponsors as well as anyone desiring to inspect the accounting books of the organization. He guaranteed them that they will find that all money collected is used solely for the furtherance of the organization's work in the promotion of cricket and Team Guyana. He thanked the elected officials and the many other personalities who are working selflessly for the improvement of cricket in the area. Among those were Peter Jolly of the NY Masters and Nassau Cricket Leagues, our renowned and knowledgeable local cricket commentator Lenny Achibar, who along with co-commentator Carl Bennett add a very dynamic touch through their live commentary, to any cricket match.

Rudy Persaud, President of the Eastern American Cricket Association was also in attendance, as was Krish Prasad, Chairman of the Ed Ahmad Twenty/20 competition, and New York’s Regional Representative to USACA, the national cricket organization, and accompanied by his charming wife Dolly.

Chairman Bharat thanked his fellow executive officers for their dedication and conscientious work on behalf of the organization, without which he stated, “Team Guyana would not have attained the successes that it has achieved over the past three years.” He publicly recognized Al Akbar, Esq. Vice Chairman, Shook Shivmangal, Events Manager, Ralph Tamesh, Secretary, Khris Raghubeer, C.P.A, Treasurer and Qayaam Farrouq, Asst. Secretary/Treasurer.

Several plaques were awarded to various persons for outstanding service to the organization, with trophies presented to various players in recognition of their outstanding achievements during the past year, among those were Karran Ganesh, Up & Coming Player, Vishal Nagamootoo, Outstanding Wicketkeeper, Kevin Darlington, Most Improved Bowler, Khaleem Bux, Most Improved Player, Neil McGarrell, Best Bowler, Zahir Saffie, Best Batsman, Steve Massiah, Outstanding Captain, 2006-2008, and Sudesh Dhaniram, the 2008 Most Valuable Player.

It was indeed an enjoyable evening. The atmosphere was very congenial with the various conversations being lively and interesting. The food was delicious and liquid refreshments were plentiful. The Guyana Cricket, Inc organization wishes to give a big “Thank You” to the owners of the Maracas nightclub for opening their doors to host the affair and to so lavishly accommodating everyone, as well as the staff who ensured that all of the guests were made to feel very comfortable.

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