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Hurricane Rusty Blows Casablanca Away

Casablanca Cricket Club once again fell victim to the heroics of one Carlos “Rusty” Bachu last weekend at Carnise Park in Brooklyn as the smooth lefty rained havoc on the visitors to finish with figures of eight overs, one maiden, thirty nine runs and eight wickets. Rusty, as he is affectionately known by teammates is no stranger to the extra ordinary, he has on any number of occasions proven his worth both on and off the playing field. To be honest, when this guy is on there are few batsmen in this league who can challenge his brand of bowling. But, then again that is just this writers’ opinion.

Casablanca were a very confident bunch coming into this match after beating powerhouse Kingsgrove in the opening round of this knockout tournament, but historically they have trouble with Team Wanderers and its brand of cricket so only time could tell.

Well as for the match, Casablanca were first to bat and it was not long before the Rabid Lion defenders took command, at one point the visitors were thirty runs for the loss of five wickets. With their top order batsmen already dispatched to the pavilion, every one knew that this day would either be a very long one or lunch would come early. In the end however, it would seem that lunch indeed came early because they were dismissed for a meager eighty one runs.

Team Wanderers opened their batting inning a bit slow and when Nanton was bowled with the score at thirty two the boys were already two wickets in the hole, those of Chan and skipper Fleming. Williams, fresh off the regional series (15 not out) was then joined by Jackman (27 not out) the pair proceeded to take control of the situation and were able to coast to a comfortable and well earned victory for the Rabid Lions.

Team Wanderers United will now look forward to a semifinal match up in the coming weeks and will also try to continue to improve their position in the league standings.

Great work Team Wanderers!!

Thanks for the food Mrs. Jackman.

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