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TO: All League Presidents, Team Captains, Club Executives, Regional Representatives and other interested individuals.

This seeks to inform you that training sessions for Umpires and Scorers will commence on:

Date: Sunday, January 11, 2009
Place: Lucas Sport Club
1012 Ralph Avenue
(Between Tilden & Snyder Avenue)
Brooklyn, New York 11203
Time: 1:00PM sharp

The sessions will run for a period of fourteen (14) weeks, and will culminate with the administration of the USACUA Preliminary and Final Exams.

Prospective umpires are reminded that they will need to maintain an eighty percent (80%) attendance rate in order to qualify to sit any examination administered by the Association.

Members who have sat and passed the USACUA or the WICUA qualifying examinations are also required to attend these seminars being offered by the Association,

Information about the training sessions have already being communicated to the Regional Directors, league presidents and other league executives. Coordinators and league representatives are asked to convey this information to prospective umpires or individuals within their league who aspire to be trained as umpires. They may submit names or the lists of club contacts to the secretariat in order that the information can be forwarded to the relevant clubs or individuals as quickly as possible.

Members who are required to complete the WICUA Final Written or Oral and Practical examinations are asked to communicate their intentions to the Chairman of the Training and Examination Committee.

If you need more information, please feel free to contact me as soon as possible. I can be reached at emails FHayles2@aol.com or call me at telephone number 347-415-2061, or contact the USACUA Secretary at RMCFarlane@kingsbrook.org

Respectfully Yours
Fitzroy I. Hayles
Vice President for Secretary

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