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Bachan Are Commonwealth Cricket League’s 2008 “A” Division Champions

August 27th, 2008
Being in the league for over 14 years, the Bachan Cricket Club have finally been crowned champions of the league’s premier division. A magnificent century from Ravin Ivan setup a stunning victory over the heavily favorite and undefeated Pak-America team.

Victorious Bachan Cricket Club.

Vijay Somai with the winning trophy.

After winning the toss, Bachan asked Pak-America to take first strike and the Pakistanis ran with the opportunity. The got off to a flyer of a start, their first six overs brought 44 runs and they mixed attacking shots for fours and defense for singles. The very dangerous opener Razzaq punished the bad balls and was always trouble to get out. He finished with a superb 91 not out to hold this team’s innings together. With the introduction of spin, Razzaq lost his opening partner Yasir for 24 in the 7th over off the bowling of Vijay Seonarine.

With the loss of the first wicket, Pak-America was soon in deeper trouble, their next 4 wickets feel within the next three overs for just a mere 12 runs and their middle order was lessened to dust. First was Aamad who was caught off the bowling of Ravin Ivan for 3, then very competent Hunan was run out by Romey Somai by a direct hit for a duck and Abid who gave into the pressure of the attacking field and was caught at long-off by Vijay Somai off the off-spin of Robin Surujpaul who finished with a tidy spell of 1 for 33. Finally there was Saber who held himself back in the order but as soon as he came in Alan Deodat bowled a beauty that knocked out his middle-stump, he was gone for 3. Alan Deodat’s left-arm was the pick of the bowlers. His 7 overs netted just 24 runs and bagged 3 top wickets.

Razzaq was running out of partners as he held the innings, he got some decent contributions from Asad who made 19. Wahab 14 and Anjum 14 added another 40 runs with Razzaq to put a fighting total of 192 when at one point it seemed as if 140 was a challenge for Pak-America.

With a 193 to get Bachan never looked troubled in knocking off the runs. One man responsible for making it so easy was Ravin Ivan. Ivan scored a masterful 100, a century that was so filled with stroke play that made the crowd cheered non-stop. His century was boundary filled, twelve 4’s and four 6’s says it all. After losing opener Ramsunai and last week hero Vijay Seonarine early. Ivan got support from Bejai Somai who rotated the strike and allowed Ivan to bat freely as he pounded the Pak-American bowling. The run rate was never an issue even though Bachan lost two vital wickets. Ivan scored freely and at times, pounded the bowling attack for two huge 18 run overs.

At the 15 over mark, Bachan was sailing at 118 for 2. With 20 overs remaining and another 75 runs left to get it was already over but just the formalities had to be reached. Even though Bejai Somai fell for 23 and Alan Deodat fell for a duck. The innings was still steadied by Ivan. Ivan was joined by Vijay Somai who scored another useful 27 not out. With just a few runs to get, Ivan was out as soon as he got to his century but it was a little to like for Pak America.

The winnings runs was smashed over midwicket as the crowed swarmed the field to congratulate the batsmen. The victorious moment was enjoyed by current and former members of the Bachan Cricket Club.

Pak-America Innings
Razzaq Not Out 91
Yasir Caught (B.Somai) Bowled 24 V. Seonarine
Aamad Caught (V. Seonarine) Bowled R. Ivan 03
Hunan Run Out Romey Somai 00
Abid Caught Vijay Somai Bowled R. Ivan 00
Saber Bowled Alan Deodat 03
Asad Caught (A. Deodat) Bowled R. Surujpaul 19
Kasim Caught & Bowled A. Deodat 01
Alli Caught (R.Ivan) Bowled P. Beepat 01
Wahab Caught (V. Seonarine) bowled B. Ramsunai 14
Anjum Bowled B. Ramsunai 14
Batsman Total: 173
Extras: {No Balls (0), Wides (15), Leg Byes (1), Byes (3)} 19
Grand Total for 10 Wkts off 34 Overs 192
FoW: 1-22, 2-60, 3-61, 4-61, 5-62 , 6-115, 7-117, 8-125, 9-155, 10-192
Bowling: Ravin Ivan 7-0-39-2, B. Parasram 3-0-27-1, V. Seonarine 7-0-34-1, A.Deodat 7-0-24-3, Robin Surujpaul 7-0-33-1, B. Ramsunai 7-0-32-2

Bachan Innings
Ravin Ivan Hit Wicket Wahab 100
Besham Ramsunai Caught (wktpr) Wahab 09
Vijay Seonarine Caught (Anjum) Bowled Wahab 00
Bejai Somai Caught (Aahmad) Bowled Abid 23
Alan Deodat L.B.W bowled Ali 03
Vijay Somai NOT OUT 27
P. Beepat NOT OUT 09
Batsman Total: 171
Extras: Wides (16), Byes (6), Leg Byes (0), No Ball (2)} 24
Grand Total for 5 Wkts off 31 Overs 195
FoW: 1-19, 2-33, 3-130 , 4-135 , 5-162
Bowling: Wahab 7-0-35-3, Anjum 4-0-22-0, Assad 3-0-28-0, Kassim 5-0-30-0, Ali 7-0-24-1, Abid 4-0-22-1, Aahmad 2-0-12-0

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