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By S. Ali

August 21st, 2008
(Celebrating 26 Anniversary) - Martin Nurse continued his fine form as Cosmos displaced Staten Island quite comfortably at Floyd Bennett field last Sunday in the opening round of the MCL Twenty/20 Knock Out competition.

Martin Nurse

Nurse anchored the inning with a crucial but entertaining 72 runs off 56 balls. The shorter version of the game can sometimes numb the thinking of batsmen as the early Cosmos batsmen found out as they tried to do the same at the other end, resulting in Cosmos planting all the threes on 33 for 3 after 3 overs. Camilus Alexander and Shafeek Shah offered some support as Cosmos reached 171 for 7 off their allotted 20 overs. Staten Island was then bundled out for just 80 runs.

Amidst all the barrels of noise leading into the weekend of cricket as a result of what could be construed as justified larceny, where one team claimed full points on a rainy day when all games in the MCL were abandoned may have been a comedy gone bad which creates a good laugh -- there must be a better way to win a cricket match.

It was perhaps a calculated effort to preclude the dominant Cosmos from securing a spot in the Challenge Cup semis as Cosmos romped to resounding wins over Jamaica Expol and River Valley, taking maximum points in both matches. Members of Cosmos expressed disappointment at not being able to determine which teams would advance in the true spirit of fair play, by winning, losing and gaining points on the field against real people, rather than through the dubious maneuverings and ensuing controversy that embroiled the embattled Challenge Cup. Members also expressed concern that when the game and the umpires are reduced to underhanded schemes in order to gain an advantage, it hurts the development of the sport and not any individual teams. And, yes - victory then is indeed hollow.

That is therefore the ultimate travesty in the New York cricket scene and one additional rusty nail added to cricket's coffin. If teams insist on meddling in the mud, sometimes quite literally and is bent on keeping the game at that level - below the surface of a soggy pitch, it is their choice. Unfortunately, it is a choice adopted by only one or two teams and not reflective of a good majority of the teams in the MCL who simply want to play the game for the love of it. The game is larger than the unsavory methods of a few and any cricketer worthy of his name should disassociate themselves from such company. Going forward, every effort must be made by the MCL to ensure that the gentleman’s game does not lose its character or sportsmanship to a few rogue elements of any gender.

As Cosmos does not engage in any form of boisterous behavior at cricket grounds, they must endeavor to continue to rise to higher grounds and exit from the protracted ineptitude that has infected the game. Cosmos management executive, Shadi Khan, made it quite clear that Cosmos will vigorously defend its rich heritage, its character and that of its members despite the efforts of the club’s detractors to cast aspersions. The Cosmos youth team - Cosmos Kings - is a clear indication of the club’s dedication and intent on moving the game forward in the NY Region. Cosmos Kings will play Punjab in the NYPD finals on Wednesday, August 20, 2008. The Cosmos senior team will play in the MCL premier semi-finals on Sunday, August 24th.

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