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(Celebrating 26 Anniversary) - Dixeth Palmer tore into the Westbury's bowling attack to set Cosmos in a good position for an exciting finished when the two teams met at Floyd Bennett field last Sunday. However, it was not enough, when Palmer was caught on the mid off boundary for a blistering 73 off 71 balls which included 5 sixes and 3 fours, Cosmos needed just twenty six runs off fifteen balls with three wickets in hand to secure what would have been an important win.

Dixeth Palmer

Earlier, Westbury batsmen stroked their way to a fighting 251 for 9 off their 40 overs thanks to a shocking fielding performance from the Cosmos team, which spilled nine catches. Kevin Baugh (56) capitalizes on his luck, while the other Westbury’s batsmen took full advantage of the chances offered. Rashid Afzal was the pick of cosmos bowlers as he mesmerized the Westbury’s batsmen. Afzal bowled Robert Henriques (21) and Barrington Bartley (15) around their legs, then pierce gates to knock back Wayne Cuff (12) mid stump, and finally had Kevin Baugh caught-top edged to midwicket for third time. Cosmos relinquished the opportunity to play themselves back into the match, with Westbury on 186 for 6, however, it was another academic lapse that allowed the match to slip away. Once again Afzal found the leading edge of Devon Campbell's (27) bat, the ball ballooned in the air with the bowler, mid-on and mid-off still deciding who should take the catch. That was the script written throughout the match as Westbury's streaky success continued to the end. Dixeth Palmer took 2 for 38, Sham Ali took 2 for 43 and Rashid Afzal 4 for 42.

Cosmos batsmen, in reply, raced forty runs in the first four overs, and then decided to find every opportunity to get out. D. Hutchinson (11) miscued hook to gully, Imran Mohamed (3) extravagant drive to a wide delivery ended in second slip, Shafeek Shah (18) glide to first slip, and Shafiq Jadavji (11) lobbed another wide to cover point and just like that, cosmos backs were against the wall at 70 for 4. A few good partnerships ensued as cosmos lower order batsmen partnered Dixeth Palmer. Rashid Afzal (24), Wayne Stuger (48), and Sham Ali (19), staged a fight back to put the match in a balance at 196 for 6 amidst the unruly display of the opposition. Some poor running between the wickets in the closing stages, left Cosmos hard fought battle eleven runs short. It was indeed a lackluster performance from this cosmos team.

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