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Top Three Teams Vie For 4-0 Records

By John L. Aaron
The top three teams in the points standing of the Eastern American Cricket Association’s 40-overs competition, Atlantis, Richmond Hill and Real Challenge, will seek to go 4-0 after tomorrow’s matches.

Unbeaten during the first three weeks of the season, 3-0 Richmond Hill visits 0-3 Bayshore Tigers at Heckscher State Park. Richmond Hill has been playing consistent cricket for the season and should not have any trouble with Bayshore Tigers. However, cricket being what it is, Bayshore Tigers should not be counted out, as yet.

In another contest 3-0 Real Challenge faces Unified Ambassadors at Riis Park. Ambassadors, has not been off to a very good start so far for the season and as such is expected to have their hands full with the star-studded Real Challenge. With an 0-3 record, Ambassadors may give it all they have got and become a thorn in the side of Real Challenge. Real Challenge, no doubt will be going all out to move to 4-0, before taking on 3-0 Atlantis next weekend at Heckscher State Park.

Atlantis is expected to face a real challenge tomorrow when they clash with Enmore at Brentwood. Enmore 2-1 will no doubt be looking to knock Atlantis out of the top three boxes come next weekend. On the other hand, Atlantis is looking to use Enmore as a warm up, before facing Real Challenge next weekend. So, all eyes will be on the top three teams each with 15 points so far in the three-week old competition, with Atlantis appearing to have drawn the short straw in having the toughest battle of the top three teams.

Enmore is coming off of a comfortable win against East Side Warriors, Richmond Hill took care of Golden Arrow last weekend and Atlantis easily defeated Unified Ambassadors at Brentwood, behind 109 from Lennox Cush and 75 n.o. from Swanston Benjamin.

The other matches scheduled for tomorrow are 1-0 East Side Warriors hosting 1-2 Hillside at Heckscher State Park, Golden Arrow 2-0 visits 2-1 Everest at Lido Beach and 1-0 East Bank faces 1-0 Empire Mortgage at Baisley Pond Park.

All matches start at 1:00 pm sharp

Points Standings as of Saturday, June 2, 2007
Atlantis - - 15
Real Challenge - 15
Richmond Hill - 15
Enmore - - 10
Everest/ACS - 10
Golden Arrow - 10
East Bank - - 5
East Side Warriors- 5
Empire Mortgage - 5
Seawell - - 5
Bayshore Tigers - 0
Canal No.2 Polder - 5
Hillside - - 5
Unified Ambassadors 0

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