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ICC Americas Women’s Cricket: Northern Neighbors Do Battle

By John L. Aaron

May 21st, 2009
There was no neighborly love lost yesterday as Canada and the USA did battle in the ICC-Americas Women’s Cricket tournament now being played in Florida. The USA with a somewhat fledgling XI came up against a very formidable and well-prepared Cricket Canada Women’s XI in the first of the 40 overs matches of the tournament.

Winning the toss and electing to field the USA women were give 179 as the target for victory over their Canadian neighbors, however, a fit Canadian XI proved too much for the Americans, racing to 178 for 9 in 40 overs, largely behind a 56-run partnership between M. Persaud, 74 (4x4s) and S. Tittlemier, 22. Persaud was stumped off the bowling of pacer Joy Jones, but not before establishing a sound base for her team. Other Canadian top scorers were M. Wilson, 14, b. Doris Francis, K. Kolter, 12, run out by Doris Francis and M. Patel, 10, exiting via the same run-out route by D. Francis. M. Turkik also exited via a run-out with a brilliant return from J. Jones to the bowler C. Atkins.

Bowling for the USA, J. Jones had figures of 8-0-23-2, while I. Sutherland, C. Atkins, D. Francis and I. Mahabir each grabbed one wicket. The Canadian wickets fell at 26, 35, 59, 115, 132, 168, 178 and 178.

The USA expected Canada to be its biggest hurdle, so they were prepared to do battle; however, one of the players remarked that the only two members of the USA team not physically in pain at the conclusion of the match were the Manager and Coach. If the USA is to emerge anywhere near the winner’s circle now, a lot would depend on Canada’s remaining performance. The USA ladies battled in return but fell short by 38 runs, scoring 139 all out in 36 overs. An exciting 57-run partnership between Vice Captain Candacy Atkins, 36, and Doris Francis, 39 was not enough to climb over Canada, as four of the USA players entered and exited without numerically contributing to the team’s tally.

Top scorer for the USA was all-rounder Doris Francis, 39 (1x4). It was a patient knock in the Dominican’s hunt for runs, alongside her St. Lucian-America skipper Roselyn Emmanuel’s 18 (1x4) and Joy Jones’ contribution of 11. Bowling for Canada, M. Persaud 5-1-12-3 and J. White 6-0-22-3 did the damage with Desh grabbing one wicket and the USA’s Isoline Sutherland exiting via a run-out. The USA wickets fell at 35, 37, 94, 102, 122, 133, 136, 137, 137 and 139. Francis’ contribution with the ball, bat and her fielding must give the USA a glimmer of hope for the future, as she proved to be one of the fittest members of the USA XI.

Canadian M. Persaud’s contribution of a strong and defiant 74 and coming back with the ball to grab 3 wickets for 12 runs was what undid the Americans, who do battle later this morning against nemesis Argentina whom they lost to in a thunderous weather-beaten Duckworth/Lewis Twenty20 on Tuesday. The USA will no doubt be looking to regain its composure and self-confidence in the tournament, but it is still left to be seen whether they have any gas left in the tank to complete the lap, in their own backyard.

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